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Best Settings for the BlackVue DR750X Plus Dash Cam

The BlackVue DR750X Plus Dash Cam is one of the crowd favorites we have. With premium and discreet design, Full HD @ 60FPS video quality and no-hassle Cloud integration, the DR750X Plus offers fundamental upgrades from its predecessors including improved image sensors, advanced parking mode, and 4G and LTE connectivity. To fully maximize this dash cam's features, we are going to show you our recommended settings for the DR750X Plus.

How to Change Settings on the BlackVue DR750X Plus Dash Cam

To configure your settings, pair your smartphone with the BlackVue dash cam via Wi-Fi direct.

  • Go to your smartphone's Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to your dashcam.

  • Open the BlackVue app. Select WI-FI > to access the Firmware settings menu.

  • After making any changes, go back to the Firmware settings menu, tap and tap Save.

Note: You can also change the settings through your computer using MacOS or Windows

Basic Settings

Time: Your Preference

Select your time zone to auto-sync with GPS time or you can set the time and date manually after enabling Manual time setting.

Video Quality Settings

Resolution: FHD@60 + FHD@30

Resolution and frame rate is fixed at FHD@60 + FHD@30. This means the front camera records Full HD at 60 frames per second, and the rear camera records Full HD video at 30 frames per second.

Image quality: High

You can adjust the recording image quality (bit rate) settings.

Highest (Extreme) (Front: 25 Mbit/s, Rear: 10 Mbit/s)
Highest (12 Mbit/s) (Front: 12 Mbit/s, Rear: 10 Mbit/s)
High (10 Mbit/s) (Front: 10 Mbit/s, Rear: 8 Mbit/s)
Normal (8 Mbit/s) (Front: 8 Mbit/s, Rear: 6 Mbit/s)

Enhanced Night Vision: ON

Front and Rear Brightness: Your Preference

Recording Settings

Normal recording: ON - When turned off, the dash cam does not record in normal mode.

Parking mode recording: ON - There are two parking mode options. Choose "Motion & Impact detection" to save a parking recording when motion is detected in the dashcam's field of view. If the G-sensor detects an impact or bump the dash cam saves a separate event recording file.

Rear camera recording in parking mode: ON - When turned on, the front and rear camera record simultaneously. When turned off, the rear camera stops recording 5 minutes after entering parking mode. 

Voice recording: ON

Date & time display: ON

Speed unit: Your Preference - Select between km/h or mp/h.

Video segment length: 1 minute - Video segment length is fixed at 1 minute.

Lock event files: Your Preference - Turning on this option will lock the following recording types and stop them from being overwritten by newer recordings.

Front and rear camera rotation: Your Preference - If you installed the camera in a flipped position, use this setting to rotate the front or rear camera image at 180°.

Sensitivity Settings

G-Sensor (Normal mode): 3 - Up and Down, Side to Side, Front and Back from 1 to 5.

G-Sensor (Parking mode): 8 - Up and Down, Side to Side, Front and Back from 1 to 10.

The G-sensor measures the movement of your vehicle through 3 axes – up and down, side to side, and front and back. When the G-sensor detects significant or sudden movement (such as an impact or collision) it will trigger an event recording.

Motion detection (Parking mode): 2 - In Motion Detection Parking Mode, the dash cam continuously buffers video and saves a parking recording when motion is detected in the field of view.

System Settings


Recording status: ON

Front security (Normal mode): ON

Front security (Parking mode): ON

Rear security: ON

LTE (Parking mode): ON

Wi-Fi (Parking mode): ON

Bluetooth (Parking mode): ON

Proximity Sensor: ON 

Volume: Your Preference - You can adjust the volume of the voice guidance (announcements).

Scheduled Reboot: ON - The dash cam reboots automatically once-a-day if in parking mode at the set time for improved stability. If the dash cam is recording at the set time, the scheduled reboot is skipped. You can enable/disable and change the time for scheduled rebooting. Default time is 03:00 am.  

Speed alert: OFF - Set a speed limit (up to 300 km/h or 200 MPH) for the speed alert. When the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit, the dash cam beeps and switches to event recording. After saving one event recording file the dashcam switches back to normal mode recording

Battery Protection (Optional - Hardwiring Power Cable installation only): ON - When the battery protection is on, power is supplied to your BlackVue while the vehicle is off (ACC+ off) and also prevents the vehicle from battery discharge while it is parked. When enabled, BlackVue will automatically power down according to the set cut-off timer and voltage.

Note: Recommended settings for low voltage cut-off is 12V or higher during winter. - If battery protection is off, BlackVue will not operate when the vehicle is turned off (ACC+ off).

User text overlay: Your Preference - You can create a user text overlay of up to 20 characters using a combination of English letters (A – Z, a – z), numbers (0 – 9), and symbols (:;‘/+-_()$#). The text is overlaid in the top-left corner of the recorded videos.

Wi-Fi Settings

Login credentials - You can change the dash cam's SSID and Wi-Fi login password.

Wi-Fi auto turn off: ON - Wi-Fi will automatically switch on when you turn on the dash cam and remain on. You can adjust the settings for Wi-Fi to automatically turn off where Wi-Fi turns off if it is inactive for 10 minutes.

Cloud Settings

Enable Cloud Lite service: Your Preference - If you don't use the Cloud Lite service, you can turn it off.

Push notification settings: Your Preference

FW Language: Your Preference

BlackVue DR750X Plus Dash Camera: Full HD at its Finest

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