Thinkware IR Interior Night Vision Camera (BCFH-150IR)

[LIMITED QUANTITY] Thinkware IR Interior Night Vision Camera (BCFH-150IR)
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  • Summary

    • Optional Rear Camera and Cable for the Thinkware X550, the Thinkware F750 (straight tip) & the Thinkware F770 (right angle tip)
    • Please see this write up for details on how to mount the rear camera.
    • Connects using a durable USB cable (approximately 24 feet/7M long)
    • Uses a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor
    • Not compatible with Thinkware F800/F800 Pro which requires the BCFH-200
    • F770/X550 compatible camera Part Number: BCFH-100
  • Videos

    Check out our review of the Thinkware F750, the Thinkware X550 & the Thinkware F770. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.

    Thinkware IR Sample Video
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