[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B Bundle
[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B Bundle
[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B Bundle

[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B Bundle

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  • Cellink Battery B Exclusive Signature Bundle

    This package is the perfect choice for anyone who has a parking mode dash cam but doesn't have a battery pack yet. The Cellink battery will not only provide extended parking mode recording but also protects your car's battery and electrical systems by eliminating any drains while the car is off. Compared to a traditional hardwire kit, the Cellink only needs to be hooked up to an ignition switched circuit (either hardwired or 12V/Cigarette socket).

    This bundle includes everything needed to hook up the Cellink to your vehicle and to your dash cam. We also understand that a lot of drivers don't drive enough to fully charge the Cellink (approximately 1 hour) so we're including the power inverter as well. If you are hardwiring the battery pack, you'll have the cigarette adapter to use with the inverter should you need it. Just remember to switch the battery to the 5A setting when charged with the cigarette adapter.

    The circuit tester will be handy for hardwiring as you'll need to find an ignition switched circuit to connect to your Cellink battery. Using a constant powered 12V source will result in battery drain and is the incorrect way to power your Cellink battery pack. Once you've identified the fuse slot to use, connect your hardwire kit to the supplied add-a-fuse and put everything together. This bundle comes with one (1) free add-a-fuse, if you aren't sure which size your vehicle needs, send us an email. Alternatively, order the "1 of each" option to have all your bases covered.

    Output Cables Explained

    You'll notice there are three different output cables. These are on the power output side, going towards your dash cam. Which cable you go with will not affect which cable you need to use to charge your Cellink. You can still use either the hardwire cable or the 12V cigarette adapter. If you're not sure which output cable you need, make sure to contact us before placing your order.

    1. Female Cigarette Socket Output: This should be used for BlackVue dash cams and other cameras that switch into parking mode using the G-sensor. These are cameras that switch into parking mode after your vehicle is parked for a few minutes. The BlackSys dash cams can also work with this output method if the "use external power" option is enabled.
    2. Spliced Hardwire Kit Output Harness: This kit is designed to work with Thinkware dash cams. It will also work with BlackSys devices. The hardwire kit is pre-spliced by one of our technicians so that it will switch into parking mode based on the ignition. Thinkware dash cams will not switch into parking mode if the female cigarette socket is used. (*Note that the LG Innotek dash cams take a different 12V cable and will not work with this harness, email us if you want to order it with an LG hardwire kit)
    3. Unspliced Hardwire Kit: If you already have a three wire (B+, ACC, Ground) hardwire kit, you can splice it into the Cellink output yourself. This is a good option for the DIY-ers out there

    This Bundle Includes:

    Note: All BlackboxMyCar Exclusive Signature Bundles come with our Hassle-Free 1-Year Warranty!


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  • Specifications

    Battery Capacity 76.8 Wh
    Charging Time 1h 20m
    Charging Voltage/Current 12V/6A
    LED Built-In (Indicates Charge/Full)
    Speaker Built-In
    Dimensions 139mm x 125mm x 45mm
    Weight 800g
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 65°C (14 ~ 149°F)
    Country of Origin South Korea
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Estimated Recording Times (Based on Full Charge in Parking Mode)

    DASH CAM MODEL Estimated Parking Recording Time
    THINKWARE F770/F800 2 CHANNEL 22 Hours
    THINKWARE F770/F800 1 CHANNEL 30 Hours
    BLACKSYS CH-200/CH-100B 2 CHANNEL 15 Hours
    LG INNOTEK LGD521 17 Hours
    THINKWARE F50 38 Hours
    BLACKVUE DR490-2CH 20 Hours
    BLACKVUE DR450-1CH 28 Hours