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[Signature Bundle] Thinkware Q800PRO Dual Channel + BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack + Bonus 3 Month Warranty

$1,149.99 CAD
Best Price Guaranteed or We'll Match it


Signature Bundle: Thinkware Q800PRO Dual Channel + BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Dash Cam Battery Pack

A dash cam that does everything but 4K. Encased in an industry award-winning design lies a new optical lens and an improved 5.14MP Sony STARVIS image sensor that delivers strikingly clear video quality in 2K QHD with advanced night vision and a wide range of safety features.

Our Signature Bundle includes all of the installation tools needed to complete setup the dash cam with the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Dash Cam Battery Pack.

Also included in this bundle is a 128GB card, enough to hold up to 10 hours of continuous front and rear recordings.

For those looking for more, select an optional radar camera for the added protection from traffic cameras and hazards.


T-Mobile users who are experiencing issues accessing the Live View feature, please put your phone in airplane mode before launching the Thinkware app. This is due to an issue caused by your cellular connection.

Thinkware will be releasing a new firmware update in the coming weeks which will further improve video quality, especially for night time recording.

Android users who are experiencing issues with the Thinkware Cloud App must update to the latest version due to Google transitioning to a new technology.

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Unboxing: Q800PRO

Sample Footage

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Guide: Thinkware App

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What's Included

  • Thinkware Q800PRO Front Camera
  • Thinkware Q800PRO Rear Camera
  • Thinkware CPL Filter
  • Thinkware 12V Power Cable
  • 128GB + 32GB Memory Card
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • 3M Mounting Adhesives and Cable Mounting Clips
  • BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Dash Cam Battery Pack
  • Premium Installation Kit
  • 2x BlackboxMyCar Stickers
  • 1-Year Warranty + Bonus 3-Month Warranty on Thinkware Q800PRO Dual Channel Dash Cam



Front: 2K QHD 1440p @ 30 FPS
Rear: Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS










-10°C - 60°C (14°F - 140°F)














H.264 / .MP4


South Korea


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty + Bonus 3-Month Warranty


How do I install my dash cam?

There are several different methods to installing your dash cam, ranging from easy to intermediate. See below for an in depth walk through on how you can install your dash cam.

For more information on installing a dash cam, click here.

Where can I get accessories for my dash cam?

Here at BlackboxMyCar we offer our customers a variety of different accessories and add-ons for your dash cam. From an upgraded dash cam mount to an extra dash cam battery pack for long trips, we have you covered.

For more information on dash cam accessories, click here.

What is Parking Mode?

Parking mode is offered on most of the dash cams available at BlackboxMyCar. While it is important to protect your vehicle while driving, it is just as important to have your vehicle protected while it is parked. When the dash cam is in parking mode, footage will only be saved when there is an impact and/or motion. Parking mode can be enabled with a hardwiring kit or a battery pack.

For more information on parking mode, click here.

What is a Hardwire Kit?

A hardwiring kit enables parking mode. It allows your dash cam to remain powered on even when the vehicle's ignition is turned off. Installation is a breeze as you will only need to find an accessory fuse, constant fuse, and a grounding point.

What is a Battery Pack?

Most customers purchase the battery pack to avoid using the vehicle’s battery to power their dash cam. The battery pack is charged by either being hardwired into an accessory fuse or by being plugged into one of the vehicle's 12-volt cigarette sockets. We recommend the hardwiring the battery pack as it charges the battery pack quicker.

For more information on Battery Packs, click here.

How much footage will my memory card store?

On average, a 2-channel dash cam writes 16GB/hour and a 1-channel dash cam writes about 8GB/hour.

Click here to see all the memory cards we carry.

Do I need a Rear Camera?

Accidents or events don't always happen at the front of the vehicle! Having a rear camera provides coverage for any events or accidents that may happen at the rear of the vehicle.

For more information on rear view cameras, click here.

Do I need a IR Rear Camera?

An IR camera is designed to record the interior of the vehicle in low light conditions. This option is very popular among rideshare drivers.

For more information on why rideshare drivers need dash cams, click here.

What is a CPL filter?

A CPL filter attaches to the dash cam lens to eliminate lens flares, light reflections, and windshield glares.

For more information on CPL filters, click here.

Where do I find the Latest Firmware?

Find the latest firmware and all downloadable content here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Jae L. (The Bronx, US)
Thinkware Q800 pro

The product works great. Pretty much can get this product anywhere for the same price but I’m honestly glad I got this product from Blackboxmycar. Their customer service is what makes them great. I contact customer service because I had a question and they replied back in matter of minutes. Good luck trying to get the same customer service anywhere else once you buy the product. I have been referring my family and friends because I honestly felt they care for their customers.

MS (Allen, US)
Great products and greater service- Why I bought again from BBMC

I bought my first dashcam a couple years ago and enjoying. Recently family member was involved in a accident (hir from behind) and the dashcam saved the day. After sending other driver's insurance company the footage, they only asked me which body shop I preferred for them to pay for the repair. I am adding more dashcams to other cars in the house. I am blown away by the great service and that is why I came back to BBMC. Thank you!

Janet B. (Olympia, US)
Thinkware Q800PRO 2K QHD Dual Channel Dash Cam Bundle install

It was a pretty simple install. Once I called and the rep said, I had ordered the cable for an electric car (oops) it all made sense as to why I could not get it consistent to work. I ordered the correct OBDII cable and the system works great. It is really easy to change from parking or drive mode (when it sits in my driveway I turn off parking mode). The hardest part was deciding where to put the front camera in the equinox. I opted to go below the plastic cover under the rear view mirror. Placing to the right, I had a nice view of the stupid plastic cover of the onstar stuff. To the left I have found to be too much of a distraction. Other than that, it's great system, works great and super easy to install. Just make sure you order the correct cable because sending it back to Canada proves to be too expensive. If I can't resell it on ebay, I will toss it in the garbage, cause it's not worth sending back.