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SKU 078175183248

Mothers Speed Interior Detailer 24oz (18324)

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  • Due to chemical considerations, item cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Item will be shipped in a separate shipment.

Product Description

Mothers Speed™ Interior Detailer is a solution designed to maintain the interior of your vehicle with the same care and attention often devoted to the exterior. This is a comprehensive solution for maintaining the inside of your vehicle. It offers a quick and effective way to clean various surfaces without leaving undesired residues, and its safe formulation makes it a responsible choice for those conscious of the products they use. Whether you're an avid car enthusiast or simply someone who wants to keep their vehicle's interior clean and fresh, this product appears to be a solid option.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Application: For those who want to maintain that new car look and smell, this detailer makes it easy. Simply spray it on and wipe it away. This user-friendly approach is appealing to both professionals and everyday drivers.

  • Safe and Effective Cleaning: Formulated without ammonia, the product uses micro-emulsifying agents and biodegradable surfactants. This not only helps in quickly dissolving dirt, oily film, and fingerprints but also ensures that it's a safer option for the user and the environment.

  • No Greasy Residue or Streaks: One common complaint with some interior cleaners is that they can leave a greasy residue or streaks. Mothers Speed™ Interior Detailer is designed to avoid these issues, leaving surfaces clean, protected, and looking natural.

  • Versatility: It's made to work on virtually every surface inside your car, making it an all-in-one solution for your interior. Whether you're cleaning the dashboard, leather seats, or plastic trim, this product is formulated to handle it.

  • Especially Effective on Frequently Used Surfaces: Those areas of your car that you touch daily can become particularly grimy. This interior detailer is made to be especially effective on these surfaces, ensuring that the parts of your car you interact with the most stay clean and protected.

Mothers Speed Interior Detailer (24oz)

Used For

Quickly Dissolve Dirt/ Oily Film And Fingerprints

Unit Size

24 Oz

Unit Type

Spray Bottle

Unit Quantity


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