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SKU 078175189240

Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner 24oz (18924)

Original price $14.99
Original price $14.99
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Current price $11.99 CAD
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  • Due to chemical considerations, item cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Item will be shipped in a separate shipment.

Product Description

Mothers Speed™ All-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile and potent cleaner that's designed to handle a variety of applications. Whether tackling the toughest, greasiest jobs under the hood or delicately lifting stains from your car's carpet and upholstery, this cleaner is up to the task. Its high-performance formula combines non-ionic surfactants and highly effective cleaners that are robust enough for engine compartments but gentle on delicate surfaces. This product has no supplier warranty, but its quality and effectiveness will make it an essential part of your cleaning toolkit.

The Mothers Speed™ All-Purpose Cleaner provides a one-stop solution for various cleaning challenges, delivering results without compromising the integrity of the surfaces. Whether used by professionals or auto enthusiasts, it's a reliable choice for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your vehicle's components.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Performance Cleaning: Packs a punch that's powerful enough for the greasiest of jobs, including engine cleaning.
  • Gentle on Delicate Surfaces: Specially crafted blend of surfactants and cleaners is gentle enough to dissolve oils and tough stains embedded in carpets and upholstery.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for cleaning carpets, fabrics, vinyl, engine compartments, fender wells, door jambs, factory/OEM coated wheels, hubcaps, tires, whitewalls, and more.
  • Effective Formula: Carefully engineered to balance strength and sensitivity, ensuring that every part of your vehicle is cleaned without damage.

Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner (24oz)

Used For

Carpets/ Fabrics/ Vinyl/ Engine Compartments/ Fender Wells/ Door Jambs/ Factory/OEM Coated Wheels

Unit Size

24 Oz

Unit Type

Spray Bottle

Unit Quantity


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