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SKU 078175015488

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat 48oz (1548)

Original price $32.99
Original price $32.99
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Current price $30.99 CAD
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  • Due to chemical considerations, item cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Item will be shipped in a separate shipment.

Product Description

Introducing Mothers" CMX" Ceramic Wash And Coat, an innovative solution for vehicle maintenance that promises a sparkling clean, "lust coated" liquid-gloss appearance, along with a robust 5102 nano-quartz protected finish. With its blend of advanced ingredients and technology, this product takes vehicle washing to a whole new level.

With Mothers" CMX" Ceramic Wash And Coat, vehicle maintenance becomes a delightful experience, resulting in a breathtaking appearance and robust protection. Say goodbye to dulling contaminants and water spots, and embrace a solution that makes washing and caring for your vehicle easier and more effective.

Please note, this product does not include a supplier warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Liquid-Gloss Appearance: Achieve an eye-catching gloss that mimics the look of liquid, enhancing the beauty of your vehicle's exterior.
  • 5102 Nano-Quartz Protection: The unique blend of 5102 nano-quartz ensures a resilient protective finish that shields against environmental damage.
  • Safe Cleaning Action: Using powerful penetrating surfactants and state-of-the-art water softening polymers, this product dissolves, encapsulates, and suspends contaminants without harming the paint.
  • Swirl and Scratch Prevention: Carefully designed to protect your paint from wash-induced scratches and swirls, keeping the surface smooth and unmarred.
  • Quick and Streak-Free Rinsing: The formula is specially crafted to minimize drying time and rinse cleanly without leaving streaks or spots.
  • Environmental Consideration: Environmentally friendly and pH neutral, this product is a responsible choice for the planet.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used as a bead booster over existing coatings, sealants, or waxes, or as a stand-alone quick-coat on uncoated vehicles, it's versatile and efficient.
  • High Efficiency (HE) & Low Sudsing: This formula works seamlessly with high-efficiency washing systems, ensuring effective cleaning without excessive suds.

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat (48oz)



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