Dash Crab FX

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Dash Crab FX

  • The most versatile car cellphone mount on the market
  • One handed operation
  • Works on phablets such as Samsung Note series and iPhone 6+/6S+
  • Please note that the white model is no longer available. The black model is more popular as it doesn't reflect onto the windshield as strongly as the white unit


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Customer Reviews

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Fast Delivery

I was just looking for a few accessories so I could put my DR750-1CH in a second vehicle. I was very impressed with the pricing and speedy delivery.

Thanks for your review, Terry!
Great mount

Works excellent

Thanks for the review Julio!
Does it's job

Been looking for something to hold my phone in my car instead of having it in my pockets or in the cup holder, this way I can see caller ID when I get calls on bluetooth.

Hesitant on anything with suction cups, as I haven't heard great things on most on the market. Well, happy to say that this is one really secure unit. I have it on a slant on my dashboard and it's held very securely. And yes, you only need one hand to insert your phone.

Not giving it full 5 stars just yet, since I just got it and will see over a few months how it holds up.

Hi Wilson, Thanks for the detailed review, hope you enjoy the dash crab! Justin @ BlackboxMyCar
It grabs anything

The Dash Crab holds anything and it holds on tight. I use it for my GPS, radar, and sometimes my phone. Rather than having multiple mounts that I have to find space for when not in use, I replace all of them with dash crab.

Dash Crab FX

While purchasing a car cam set and battery from blackboxmycar, I noticed the Dash CRAB FX was available too.
WOW! what an amazing product...like the cherry on top of a sundae.
I was a little concerned because my cars dash has a perforated textured surface..how would the DASH CRAB FX hold to the surface of the cars dash?
Well it's stuck there for good until I release the lever on the DASH CRABFX.
My smartphones GPS is held in the perfect visual position in my car. The sight lines are not affected by the DASH CRAB FX. Thank you blackboxmycar for selling this product!

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