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SKU 816276013756

Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush (ACCS31)

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$19.99 CAD
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  • Due to chemical considerations, item cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Item will be shipped in a separate shipment.

Product Description

Unleash the power of precision cleaning with the Ferret Wheel Brush, an extra-long and slim profile brush designed for the meticulous care of your vehicle's wheels. This bendable brush stands out as a perfect tool for scrubbing deep inside wheel barrels and accessing hard-to-reach areas without causing scratches. It’s the embodiment of effective and gentle cleaning for car enthusiasts across North America.

Features & Benefits

Explore the features that set this tool apart:

  • Durable Synthetic Bristles: Specially crafted for tough scrubbing tasks that won’t harm sensitive alloys or finishes, ensuring the safety of painted, chrome, powder-coated, and polished wheels.
  • Soft and Flexible Design: These synthetic bristles are anchored firmly through a flexible metal wire, facilitating easy cleaning around intricate wheel designs.
  • Chemical Resistance: The brush handle and bristles are resistant to chemicals, promising long-lasting performance with all types of cleaners and degreasers.
  • Versatility in Tight Spaces: Easily slip through spokes and other narrow areas for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Sensitive Finish Protection: Scrub away dirt and grime without harming delicate finishes.
  • Bendable for Detailing: Shape the brush to any form you need for versatile detailing applications.
  • Deep Wheel Barrel Cleaning: Reach deep inside wheel barrels for an unmatched clean.

Without a supplier warranty, the Ferret Wheel Brush is a testament to quality and innovative design. Whether you’re tackling dirt, grime, brake dust, or diving deep into exhaust tips and engine bays, trust this tool for thorough cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle, from wheels to engine compartments. It’s the choice of professionals and DIY car lovers alike in the USA and Canada.

Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush


Lubricate Paint / Glass/ Plastics/ Vinyl/ Rubber Plastic Against Clay

Handle Color

16 Oz

Handle Material

Spray Bottle



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