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[DISCONTINUED] BlackVue Power Magic EZ

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BlackVue Power Magic EZ


Due to the design of the EZ, vehicles with an OBD port that's sunk inside the panel may not be able to physically fit the EZ, as there is a wire that comes out the side of the EZ.

Parking mode has never been easier. Power your BlackVue dash cam in Parking Mode. Easy plug and play installation via the OBD port.

Protect Your Car Day and Night

Power Magic EZ powers your BlackVue from your vehicle's OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port and detects when your car's ignition is off and maintains power to enable Parking Mode while monitoring your battery's voltage. When configured voltage level or timer is reached, Power Magic EZ cuts the power to prevent vehicle battery discharge, and resumes when ignition is on again.

Parking Mode Switch

Parking Mode Switch ON: Power Magic EZ supplies your BlackVue with power even if the ignition of the vehicle is off, until it reaches voltage cut-off or timeout value.

Parking Mode Switch OFF: Power Magic EZ supplies power to your dashcam only when vehicle ignition is on.

Low Voltage Cut-Off Settings

When your vehicle's ignition is off, Power Magic EZ checks your vehicle's battery voltage periodically while power your BlackVue dash cam. If the voltage drops below the set cut-off level, Power Magic EZ automatically cuts power to the dash cam.

Timer Cut-Off Settings

Power your BlackVue dash cam for a preset duration from 6 hours to infinity. The timer function is only active when the vehicle's ignition is off and automatically stops if ignition is on.


Check out our Review and First Impression! For more information, see below for our video reviews, sample footage, and guides.

How-To: Configure Voltage Cutoff

For more YouTube videos on the BlackVue Power Magic EZ, click here.

What's Included

  • Power Magic EZ
  • User Manual



12V - 24V DC


1A (Max 3A)


12.0V or 12.5V (+/- 0.1V) | 22.8V - 23.2V (+/- 0.1V)


6 Hours - Infinity


South Korea


1-Year manufacturer Warranty


What is Parking Mode?

Parking mode is offered on most of the dash cams available at BlackboxMyCar. While it is important to protect your vehicle while driving, it is just as important to have your vehicle protected while it is parked. When the dash cam is in parking mode, footage will only be saved when there is an impact and/or motion. Parking mode can be enabled with a hardwiring kit or a battery pack.

For more information on parking mode, click here.

What is a Hardwire Kit?

A hardwiring kit enables parking mode. It allows your dash cam to remain powered on even when the vehicle's ignition is turned off. Installation is a breeze as you will only need to find an accessory fuse, constant fuse, and a grounding point.

What is a Battery Pack?

Most customers purchase the battery pack to avoid using the vehicle’s battery to power their dash cam. The battery pack is charged by either being hardwired into an accessory fuse or by being plugged into one of the vehicle's 12-volt cigarette sockets. We recommend the hardwiring the battery pack as it charges the battery pack quicker.

For more information on Battery Packs, click here.

How much footage will my memory card store?

On average, a 2-channel dash cam writes 16GB/hour and a 1-channel dash cam writes about 8GB/hour.

Click here to see all the memory cards we carry.

Do I need a Rear Camera?

Accidents or events don't always happen at the front of the vehicle! Having a rear camera provides coverage for any events or accidents that may happen at the rear of the vehicle.

For more information on rear view cameras, click here.

Do I need a IR Rear Camera?

An IR camera is designed to record the interior of the vehicle in low light conditions. This option is very popular among rideshare drivers.

For more information on why rideshare drivers need dash cams, click here.

What is a CPL filter?

A CPL filter attaches to the dash cam lens to eliminate lens flares, light reflections, and windshield glares.

For more information on CPL filters, click here.

Where do I find the Latest Firmware?

Find the latest firmware and all downloadable content here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Denis R. (Winnipeg, CA)
Blackvue DR900S-2C

This is an awesome dual dash cam, installation was made amazingly easy with the Blackvue Power Magic Easy and also gives me the capabilities of Parking Mode....albeit a very expensive dash cam, i think it is worth it..Thank you BlackBoxMyCar... Denis... still learning on how to use it to its best capabilities possible...

Hi Denis, thanks for leaving a review! Glad to hear that the Power Magic EZ was what you were looking for. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the dash cam's capabilities :)

John (New Minas, CA)
BlackVue Power Magic EZ

Excellent products, prices and customer services very helpful.

Hi John, thanks for leaving a review! Let us know if you have any questions in the future.

Louie P. (Victoria, CA)
Easy install/ plug and play

Great product, works as it should so far. Easy installation

Hi Louie, thanks for leaving a review! Glad to hear that the Power Magic EZ worked for you :)