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Dash Cam Video Contest

Thank You For Sharing Your Videos

BlackboxMyCar Video Contest - Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who has shared dash cam videos with us since the first Monthly Video Contest. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end and we are officially retiring our video contest.

We still want your videos!

Just because the video contest is closed doesn't mean we don't want to see all the awesome adventures you're captured on your dash cam. Stay tuned and keep those footages for us because we will have something exciting planned for everyone shortly!

For the time being, you can still send us your footage for a chance to be featured on the official BlackboxMyCar social media channels right away - talk about bragging rights!

Check out videos and reviews submitted to us from dash cam owners just like you - our Safety Scouts program is here! Sign up to become a BlackboxMyCar Safety Scouts today to gain an inside look at the latest news, exclusive offers, reviews, branded swag, and meet a network of like-minded people and more.

Submit Your Dash Cam Footage

Alternatively, you can submit your footage to

Raw video files are preferred but if you need to edit your video due to a conversation or other sensitive material, feel free to do so. If there is any music in the background, we will most likely mute it to avoid any copyright issues.

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