VicoVation WF1 Review

The WF1 is an innovative high end dash cam from the Taiwanese company VicoVation with a unique design unlike any other dash cam. The curvy shape is funky but still pretty attractive, especially compared to the rest of the VicoVation lineup and offers an impressive amount of technology in a very small package. The price point of the WF1 puts it between the popular FineVu CR500HD and BlackVue DR600GW so it's among some rather stiff competition.


The WF1 comes with both a suction cup mount and a slimmer adhesive mount. The adhesive mount still uses a ball type swivel which screws to tighten and would likely be more susceptible to the type of mounts used on BlackVue cameras. There is just one button on the WF1 which has a number of functions such as triggering the event mode and turning off the lane departure warning system. The WF1 doesn't have GPS or a true parking mode but what it does feature is WiFi technology. WiFi allows users to use their Android or iOS smartphone as a screen to view footage but can even be set up to email event alerts by using the phone as an internet access point. This is a unique implementation of WiFi technology not seen on the BlackVue devices but could become annoying if a pothole or bump in the road triggers the event mode. The WF1 can support memory cards up to 32GB which is adequate for a non-parking mode equipped dash cam since it will only be recording when the ignition is on.

On the video quality front, Vico dash cams have always done fairly well and the WF1 is no different. It offers Full HD recording with wide dynamic range for bright night time video, it can even record 720P video at 60 FPS if smoother frame rate is preferred over maximum resolution. The WF1 uses a wide aperture F/2.2 6G lens that has a 160° viewing angle. The wide viewing angle means pillar to pillar recording on many vehicles but it does add quite a bit of distortion and fisheye effect. Overall footage is sharp thanks to a 3MP sensor and it has a pleasing natural look to it rather than a processed and over-sharpened look.

We like the form factor and WiFi function on the VicoVation WF1, however without a true parking mode we're not sure the higher price point is justified. Although customers can still purchase a hardwiring kit for this dash cam the 32gb memory card would fill up rather quickly without a motion detection feature and thus is not ideal. The video quality is solid and so is the WiFi technology so this is a great choice for those who would rather not take the time to hardwire their dash cam.