Skyview G8 Review

While there are many dual channel systems out there, there hasn't been that many out there that can be seen as an affordable solution. To answer those who are looking for one, Skyview has released a brand new unit called the Skyview G8. The G8 fits that niche market, being the most affordable dual channel dash cam from our entire product line up.

Recording quality:

The front unit is actually quite decent for a lower end dash cam. It records in a 1080P High Quality Full HD Recording format for the front unit, while the rear unit records at a more humble 480P VGA Quality. This means that while fine details and license plates may be difficult to pick up for the rear camera, it can still be beneficial with capturing culprits and waiving an insurance deductible!


The front unit is a bit longer than the Skyview G6, but like the G6, both are designed to look like they are built into your vehicle. The overall look is influenced by whether or not the GPS mount is used with your unit, as the GPS mount is thicker and places the unit further from the windshield.

The rear camera looks similar to the rear units of other Chinese two channel systems. The unit is placed away from the rear windshield by a small 2-legged mount. This design is fairly sturdy and will keep your rear unit up very well.


We've been running a unit within one of our vehicles for a couple of months now, and it hasn't had any issues. I find that Chinese units can be very hit and miss, but the Skyview line has proven itself to be fairly consistent and reliable.

Parking Mode:

Unfortunately, this unit isn't equipped with this function. While it is a 2-channel system, the unit is still a low end Chinese dash cam, and doesn't have the Pre-buffered Parking Mode by Motion Detection, that we've come to expect.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I feel that this unit's a very good option for those who're looking for an affordable option for a dual channel system. While it doesn't have Parking mode or a WiFi app, it is still very capable at capturing recordings of the rear which is a very important perspective that any single channel dashcam will miss completely.

We actually have a video on our YouTube page that illustrates just how important it is to have the rear unit and it can be found here

(Note that this footage was caught with a higher-end 2-CH system called the DR650).