Skyview G8 First Impressions

The entry-level dual channel dashcam market has always been lacking in availability of models. Most manufacturers focus on one channel devices for their cheaper options, and dual channel devices for their top of the line setups. However, with the introduction of the Skyview G8 dual channel setup, perhaps we will see more options at more price-friendly alternatives.

The Skyview G8 offers 1080p recording at 30fps for the front camera and 480p recording at 30fps for the rear camera. Front video quality is impressive, but the rear is underwhelming, but certainly nothing unexpected given its price. However, the rear will have no problem capturing incidents on the road.

The G8 has a capacitor instead of a battery-based internal power, which allows for better power efficiency as well as lowers the operating temperature of the unit. The thin coaxial cable that connects the front and rear also allows for an easier installation, as some vehicles have very tight/rigid headlining when attempting to tuck the wiring in.


Overall, the Skyview G8 offers good features for its price. Again, with the lack of a lower-end dual channel dashcam, this unit will shine in this segment of the market. However, users who are looking for parking-mode recording, Wifi and smartphone integration or better video quality, they will have to look for setups such as the Thinkware F770 or BlackSys CH-100B.