Skyview G1 Car Camera Review

Skyview's G1 is one of our first offerings in the <$100 price range and offers excellent video quality and a perfectly sized screen and super straight forward interface. It has a gloss black plastic front with white lettering and a square shape. It's not the most discreet shape on the market but it's cousin, the Skyview G6, would be a great alternative for a more inconspicuous design. 

The Skyview G1 isn't all that discreet but it's easy to use and can be easily removed/reattached

Inside the Box

The G1 comes with both a micro USB cigarette adapter and computer USB cable, the USB cable isn't really necessary if you have a card reader but it's nice that Skyview has given customers that option. It mounts using a suction cup that has a screw tightening ball swivel for a good range of adjustment and attaches to the Skyview G1 via a sliding clip. We think that some customers will prefer the G1 over the G6 for this reason as the G1 is much easier to remove from the vehicle thanks to this mount. An extensive English user manual is provided but the 4 button user interface is so easy to use that we think most customers will skip it.

4 buttons (M for menu, up/down, and OK to select) makes for a very easy to setup device


As with most dashcams in this price range, the Skyview G1 doesn't have too much in terms of fancy gadgetry. There is no WiFi but you do get quite a few options for video playback such as the screen, HDMI, mini USB, and obviously the removable micro SD card slot. When it comes to memory cards it supports up to 32GB and resolution can be set between 1080P, 720P, WVGA, and VGA. Although a hardwiring kit can be utilized for recording when the ignition is off, the G1 doesn't have the same type of parking mode as the Finevu and Blackvue products which uses lower frame rates to save space and power consumption. 


The Skyview G1 uses a 3MP CMOS sensor paired with a very wide 148 degree lens. Video is crisp with great dynamic range so it's no surprise as to why these dashcams are so popular. There is a bit of lens flaring at night but nowhere near the point of actually compromising video quality and overall the footage captured by the G1 is very impressive given its price point. 


While personally I prefer the Skyview G6's slimmer body, the interface although nearly identical is easier to use on the G1 and the device is very easy to remove for security purposes. Also on a very irrelevant note the packaging and lettering Skyview uses really doesn't have a premium feel to it that we're used to on the Korean devices. The G1's viewing angle is also sufficiently wide without being distorted and right in the sweet spot for a dashcam lens. It's hard to really find any flaws with the device given it's pricing but those who want a long term investment might want to invest in a higher end dashcam with a hardwiring kit that would really help in the event of a hit and run.  

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