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Redefining Road Safety with BlackboxMyCar Signature Dash Cam Bundles

BlackboxMyCar is the home of dash cams in North America, and our goal is to equip all vehicles with the holistic protection that the car, the driver, and the passenger need. But more than just recording footage, we believe a dash cam is necessary for capturing evidence, security, or even keeping precious travel memories!

11 years strong, we are unstoppably rolling out collections of globally-renowned dash cams like BlackVue, Thinkware, and VIOFO – and we want to bring them even closer to you. That’s why we carefully crafted a one-stop-shop solution for all your dash cam demands, while also considering your essential requirements and budget!

Say hello to the fresh, and redefined BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundles.

Why should I choose a BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundle?

A dash cam is an investment, and we want you to maximize your dash cam purchase value by adding the right and best accessories for your device.

With the BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundle, you get your preferred dash cam, plus all the needed accessories to make your dash cam ownership experience extraordinarily satisfying!

Reason #1: Hassle-Free Purchase

We don’t want you to spend time confused and debating between different accessories. So, from extending your parking mode security through battery packs, improving visibility through CPL filters, blindspot mirrors and Aqua Shield, storing more files with micro SD cards, and properly installing the dash cam through installation and hardwiring kits, we have already bundled them up for you! Just choose from our Signature Bundle Collections, all of which are hand-picked by the dash cam experts at BlackboxMyCar, hassle-free.

Reason #2: Bigger Savings

And aside from saving time, our BlackBoxMyCar Signature Bundles also help you save on cost!

While we assure that you get the best deals and discounts on your individual dash cam purchase at BlackboxMyCar, we also guarantee that choosing a BlackBoxMyCar Signature Bundle will give you more savings! In fact, every item included in this exclusive package is discounted at 7%, which you cannot get in any other store! This can be combined with any further discounts found in our store.

Reason #3: 1-Year Extra Peace of Mind

Dash cam protection, added with peace of mind? Priceless.

Aside from our highly-recommended dash cam, premium accessories, and savings, the BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundles also extends your protection and peace of mind with a bonus 1-year warranty on the dash cam, on top of the manufacturer’s warranty.

This means we will be here to ensure that your dash cam is running at its optimal performance, even two years after your purchase – that’s how confident and committed we are!

Reason #4: More Items Added, Tailored For Your Safety

Beyond the hassle-free journey, we also want to ensure overall safety. That’s why we added more fresh items to the BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundles!

For increased and improved visibility, we’re adding the BlackboxMyCar AquaShield – a film that can be attached to your windshield to prevent environmental elements like raindrops and dust from ruining your footage. This will work along with the CPL filter, so with this on your windshield, you get extra clear videos without distractions. It’s also recommended for cars that don’t have rear windshield wipers, as it keeps the view of the rear windshield clear – perfect if you have a secondary rear camera. Making the most of your multiple-channel dash cam system.

And when mounting this, you can also use the BlackboxMyCar SmoothPress Vinyl Scraper to prevent the film from forming bubbles. This item is also helpful when you’re mounting adhesives or static windshield stickers, making sure that it’s done neat and sweet!

On top of the Aqua Shield and Vinyl Scraper, the BlackboxMyCar Signature Bundle now comes with the new BlackboxMyCar EdgeSight Mirrors. While the Aqua Shield gets installed on your windshield, the EdgeSight Mirrors are attached to your side mirrors, preventing you from overlooking the blindspots for your safety. It’s also rotatable, so you can get the best angle you need, helping you to minimize the risk of accidents while changing lanes or driving in traffic.

While these items are handy, they all result in huge changes to ensure that your whole dash cam and driving experience is convenient, and most importantly, safe.

The Best Signature Bundles Just Got Better!

Now added with more accessories like the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield, BlackboxMyCar Vinyl Scraper, BlackboxMyCar EdgeSight Mirrors, BlackboxMyCar Essential Kit, and the best-selling BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 + 1-year bonus warranty, your favourite dash cam is guaranteed to bring out its best for long years ahead!  

Ready to go big with our best-selling dash cams featured in our exclusive Signature Bundle collection? Take advantage of this offer and shop yours now!