Skyview Mirror Dashcam Review

This is one of the products that we tested to see whether we should expand our lineup and it intrigued us for a variety of reasons. The form factor of the clip on rearview mirror dashcam is very discreet as it only adds about 2cm of thickness and looks OEM from outside of the vehicle. It has a large screen that's hidden under the reflective mirror surface and times out so it's not distracting while driving and the camera itself has a good degree of adjustment which means you can set the mirror to your driving preferences and then tweak the lens angle afterwards. The cable plugs in up top so can definitely be tucked neatly along the top edge of the window/A-pillar for a clean installation.

In terms of function, like many Chinese dashcam products it doesn't have a parking mode but it does offer good video quality and a simple interface thanks to many buttons on the lower edge of the dashcam. The video quality is comparable to dashcams like the Skyview G1 with sharp daytime video. At night the video is still sharp but it lacks the dynamic range of the Korean dashcams so the dark areas of the video are quite dark. Glare isn't too bad but license plate legibility on moving vehicles is not great. At the end of the day this dashcam can still provide helpful evidence when dealing with insurance companies and proving innocence.

YouTube Video Reviews:

There are some issues with this product that dissuaded us from adding it to our lineup. For starters, the spring loaded clamping mechanism works well on older vehicles with simpler mirrors but if you have a mirror with homelink, OnStar, or auto dimming buttons it may not fit. I tested this unit in a Toyota Venza with auto dimming mirrors and it just barely fit but we could see some major compatibility issues with modern cars. DOD's RX8W has a workaround to this issue which is to utilize Velcro straps to secure the dashcam on the mirror, this way there is a greater range of fit.

 Some modern mirrors will be difficult to mount because of protrusions on the top/bottom


Another problem we had with this dashcam was the bright blue LED on the side facing the driver. It's not too noticeable during the day but at night it's incredibly distracting and can not be turned off. The simple solution is to tape a piece of black electrical tape over it but we weren't crazy about having to recommend/carry a product that would need this type of solution to our customers. There is definitely merit to this form factor and the potential it holds but for now the cheaper Chinese variant isn't ideal for us. If you are interested in a mirror style dashcam, have a look at the DOD RX8W which offers superior video quality, GPS, and most importantly a more versatile mounting solution.