Radar Detector FAQ

How do Radar Detectors Work?

Radar detectors warn users when there are potentially radar/laser speed guns being used nearby. They do not "jam" police radar gun signals and only provide a warning so if a user decides to speed past a speed trap they will still be caught.

Alerts can be in the form of a tone, icon/screen display, or on certain models voice alerts; they do not require the user to be staring at the unit while driving to know when there is a radar detector.

Are Radar Detectors Legal?

In Canada, radar detectors are legal for use on public roads in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. 

In the US, radar detectors are only illegal in passenger vehicles in Virginia and Washington, D.C.. Commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds are also not allowed to run them as they are banned by federal law.

While we will still ship to states/provinces where radar detectors may not be legal, we are not responsible for any potential fines or confiscation that may result. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of the laws in their jurisdiction. 

Are Radar Detectors Detectable by Police? 

Most modern radar detectors are immune to VG-2 Detection and many can also detect Spectre I/IV radar detector-detectors. Certain models are even undetectable to Spectre radar detector detection, great if your province/state bans the use of radar detectors. 

What are the Differences Between High-End and Low-End Radar Detectors? 

High end radar detectors have features such as GPS which can alert users to where red light cameras and speed cameras are. Certain models use community-database technologies which can reduce false alerts. GPS may even allow the radar detector to display the speed limit of the road the user is on.

Higher end models might also have further range of detection and detect more bands of radar/laser.

What is a City Mode?

City modes turn down the range and sensitivity of the detector to reduce the likelihood of false alerts caused by many automatic door openers which use similar bands as those detected by radar detectors.

Will the Radar Detector work in my Vehicle?

Generally radar detectors will work in just about any vehicle as they are typically mounted to the windshield via suction cups and are powered by 12V adapters (cigarette lighter jacks). Certain models can be opted with hardwiring kits similar to the dash cams we carry at BlackboxMyCar.com which means they receive power from the fuse box directly. Hardwire installation frees up a 12V outlet in your car and can result in a much cleaner install free of dangling wires.

Certain vehicles have solar treatments on the windshield which reduces the sensitivity and detection range of the radar detector. Tinting can also reduce the effectiveness of the detector.