Panorama 2 Review

Key Features

-2.7"  LCD Display

-Sony XMOR CMOS sensor (Amazing day and night footage)

-Supports up to 128GB SD Card

-GPS & G-sensor 

Most people are under the misconception that the Panorama came from the brand PowerUCC, but it is actually not. The mother company of the Panorama line-up is actually called Roadview. By joining together with a Korea dash-cam installer company known as Motopark, Roadview released their North American dashcam free of the PowerUCC branding.


The Panorama 2 is a great dashcam, as there are many good things packed into a a pretty compact package. For starters, it records in 1080P at 30FPS. It has a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor, which really helps improve night-time visibility. What makes it interesting is that it has a LCD screen, at 2.7" in size. An LCD screen is useful because you are able to view live recordings as well as fiddle with playback, and other settings on the fly. Another thing that really makes the Panorama 2 stand out from the crowd is the insane storage capacity it offers, at 128GB.


Despite having an LCD display, the Panorama 2 is still fairly compact. It is wide and narrow in design, and looks quite nice. It is a slim device, that has a matte-black body with lettering details here and there. Overall, it is a nice compact device that hides fairly well inside a car's interior.


The one main flaw with the Panorama 2 is that the parking mode is not automatic. Unlike other Korean dashcams, it needs to be manually toggled to go into 'parking mode'. Aside from that, I would like to see the design go a bit smaller, and less labeling on the body would be a nice touch as well.


1. LCD Display

2. Amazing day and night quality

3. GPS

4. SD card expandable up to 128GB

5. Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor


1. No Automatic Parking Mode

2. LCD display may be distracting to driver

3. Form factor


Video Samples:

What is Parking Mode by Motion Detection? Learn more from HERE

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