New Skyview G1 Review

The Skyview G1 has gotten an upgrade since the last time we looked at it, so let's check it out and see what's new! Generally speaking, the Skyview G1's newest model only sees an aesthetic change. The new design, especially the inclusion of the metallic coloured grill reminds me of a cross between an instaprint Polaroid camera and a robot from some sort of sci-fi program.  
New Skyview G1
The model that we carry is black and shiny, similar to its predecessors. Some differences in the new design are the chrome grill on the front, the new lens unit, and the smaller, shiny buttons on the back. The changes made between the old style and the new one makes the new G1 slightly heavier, a bit thinner; but at the same time the chrome grill and new lens make it less discreet. 
New Skyview G1
The biggest difference between the new and old models is how one enters picture mode. In the older model, pressing the power button once cycles you through the 3 modes: picture, video and playback. But now, on the newer model, you can cycle through the modes with what would be the menu button, but is now a back button.
New Skyview G1 Backs


Overall the New Model Skyview G1 brings with it a fresh, new design and some minor tweaks to the control scheme that I'm sure will not be an issue. It still continues to bring the great quality video that its older iterations brought and is still one of the best starter dashcams one can get.
New Skyview G1 and accessories