Lukas LK7300 Review

The Lukas LK7300 is one of the first cameras on the market to utilize a separate recording unit where the SD card is contained. This feature gives users the peace of mind that their footage will still be available even if the camera was stolen which might even assist in catching the perp. The drawback to this design is that the overall packaging is a little bulkier and you'll need to find room to store the secondary recording unit. The blue and silver colourway on the recording unit looks really tacky so it's best to have it tucked away. The camera unit itself is a little smaller than the chunky looking Lukas LK7900 but for a unit with most of its internals in a secondary unit it feels like Lukas could've made the LK7300 a bit smaller. 


The form factor and cheap design of the recording unit might not be for everyone

Inside the Box

Included with the Lukas LK7300 are the usual cigarette jack, adhesive tapes, and English manual. The adhesive mount for the camera unit is not like the FineVu or Blackvue products which have a quick release method to remove the main unit from the vehicle which may be an inconvenience if you want to hide it. Like other Lukas dashcams, a universal screw type UV filter is included, you can also opt for the CPL filter for better colours during the day. The Lukas 7300 also has an external GPS unit however the sheer size of it is a little ridiculous, check out our unboxing video to see (6:10 mark). Also included is a 8GB SD (not-Micro SD) card not particularly useful on a 1080P 30FPS device but the 7300 can support cards up to 128GB.


Where the Lukas LK7300 really didn't impress us was the number of features, especially considering the size of the overall package, where Blackvue can integrate WiFi and GPS in something not much larger than a highlighter, the 3-piece LK7300 doesn't even have WiFi. Furthermore, in our testing we found parking mode to be pretty lazy/slow to respond and as a result doesn't capture as much as we'd like. The only noteworthy feature which may not appeal to everyone is the separate recording body in the event of a break in. 


The Lukas LK7300 is equipped with a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor and a 137 degree lens which is a pretty good angle that is sufficiently wide without causing distortion. We have lots of sample videos on our YouTube channel for both daytime and night so be sure to check them out in 1080P HD. In our opinion the Lukas 7300 just isn't as sharp as the comparably priced FineVu CR500HD which also uses a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor and has a similar lens angle. This may be the result of poor lens optics but particularly in night time testing there is almost an out of focus look when you pay attention to light sources. We see this type of blurring quite often during rain testing but as can be seen below the weather conditions were just about perfect.   

Note the blurriness emanating from the taillights and streetlamps. Also the signs and license plates are not all that sharp.


Unless you really need a separate recording unit we'd definitely recommend sticking to the Blackvue or Finevu dashcams. The parking mode isn't great and there is no WiFi, furthermore the overall dimensions are bulky and the design isn't that attractive in our opinion. The price is fair for what you get but the LK7300 wouldn't really be our first choice for a single channel dashcam. 

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