Lukas LK6200G PLUS Review


Key Features

-REAL-HD:  1280x720p

-Supports up to 256GB SD Card

-Support smart voice guidance

-Motion detection function

-132degree viewing angle

-CPL and UV filter compatible

-GPS Tracking standard


Unlike brands such as FineVu and BlackVue, Lukas is a dashcam company that differentiates quite a bit from the aforementioned. Instead of focusing on the high-end market, Lukas has always been about supplying a dashcam solution for the whole range of the spectrum. The Lukas LK6200 is an example of one of the entry level dashcams offered by Lukas. it comes with many of the standard features seen on higher-end dashcams, but have a few very unique features of its own. The LK6200 is actually very popular in Malaysia, with them being sold constantly with the purchase of a Hyundai at the dealership.



Being that it is an entry level dashcam, the specs and features offered on the LK6200 is without a doubt less exciting than the powerhouses such as the CR2000S or DR550GW-2CH WiFi. The LK6200 offers "Real-HD", which is a 720P resolution with enhanced imaging.  It ha a viewing angle of 132degree, plenty enough to capture everything from the left fender all the way to the right fender of your vehicle. The camera features standard things such as GPS, G-sensors, and parking mode by motion detection. Lukas have always been well-known for two things, reliability, and its ability to operate in both extreme heat or cold conditions; this one is no different. Lukas cameras always had the ability to swap to large capacity SD cards, and for a long while many dashcams in their line-up had the ability to use 128GB SD cards. The LK6200 steps it up by offering the ability to use a 256GB SD card, an extreme amount that will be sure to be able to record many hours of footage. The most unique part of the LK6200 is in its included hard-wire kit. Unlike many of our products that use the PowerMagic Pro, the LK6200 offers its own hardwiring kit in which the hardwiring cable can be connecting directly from the main unit to the fusebox. The LK6200 features a power cut-off feature which makes it possible to use the unit itself instead of using an aftermarket kit.  



As with a lot of Lukas cameras, they share the similar designs that make them look uniform.  The Lukas LK6200G PLUS is no different.  In a rather small, matte black casing, the Lukas may not be the prettiest dashcam on the market, but it does its job of hiding well inside a vehicle.  In standard Lukas tradition, there is a simple display which shows time/date, as well as any error codes.  The camera also includes a very bright LED which notifies people that your vehicle is equipped with a dashcam.



For its entry-level price point, it is not a bad camera, but there is definitely room for improvement. In the current market, many lower end models are offering Full HD 1080P resolutions, it would be nice if the LK6200 to be able to bump up those specs to be more level on the playing field. Though it is a matter of opinion, the design of the LK6200 is not the most appealing. The use of material is also not the best, and in some cases it feels like it is lacking in quality.  



Overall, I would say that the LK6200 is a decent dashcam for its pricepoint. It may only offer standard features, but the few unique things that they offer really make the dashcam a lot more appealing. The ability to expand to a 256GB SD card as well as the unique hardwiring feature are all things that should be highly considered when choosing a dashcam. Not many dashcams are currently capable of using such a large SD card, and it is definitely a plus to be able to do that, paired with the pricepoint at which it is sold at.  

Its important to note that the Lukas should not be a choice if you want parking mode. Parking mode on Lukas devices are very dull and slow, and are not very good at all.



1. 256GB SD Card compatible

2. Hardwiring kit standard

3. Very high build quality

4. GPS Standard

5. Parking mode by Motion detection

6. Operates in extreme heat and cold conditions


1. No WiFi

2. 720P resolution only

3. Not the most appealing unit

4. Limited adjusting range

5. Lower quality materials 

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