LG Innotek LGD521 WiFi Guide (Part 3: Setting up LGD521)

Live View

There are a lot of settings on the app to personalize your LG Innotek LGD521 to your preferences under the configuration menu, we'll cover some of the basics here but most of them are fairly self explanatory. Once you've gone through the settings, make sure to hit the transmit button on the top right to save the settings. The device will reset to apply the settings.

LGD521 Transmit Transfer settings

Here are some of the common settings that you should configure before you start using your device:

Cut-off Voltage

If your dash cam is hardwired and running in parking mode, make sure to set a cut-off voltage. We recommend using a setting of 12.0V or 12.2V. While the setting of 11.4V and 11.6V are available, these put too much strain on the car's battery in our opinion and should only be used at your own risk/discretion.

LGD521 Cutoff Voltage


The LGD521 has three types of sensitivity settings: motion sensitivity, parking mode g-sensor sensitivity, and driving mode g-sensor sensitivity. Motion sensitivity is the motion detection sensitivity in parking mode, if you find that every little movement triggers recording you can reduce this setting.

The G-sensor sensitivity settings are separated into driving mode and parking mode. If your car has a bumpy suspension or roads in your area are rough, we would recommend turning down the driving mode G-Sensor sensitivity. We typically don't turn down the parking mode G-sensor sensitivity though.

Memory Card Partitioning

Under the System Settings tab of the configuration menu, you'll find a setting called "Adjust ratio of SD card". This is to change how the memory card space is divided, some users who want more motion detection recording can dedicate more space for this recording type. The settings can be changed in increments of 5%.

SD Card Ratio LGD521

Download View

In the download view you can see a list of videos saved onto your phone, from here you can playback those videos or also delete them. You can also filter the list just like you would under the VOD View. Note that uninstalling the app may result in these videos being deleted so make sure to back them up to your computer before you uninstall the app if there are important files.

If you find that the memory card cannot record motion detection overnight, you may want to increase the ratio of motion detection recording on the card.

Download List LGD521

Front LED

The LGD521 has a security LED on the front that blinks to alert passersby that there's a camera in the car. Many users in North America prefer to turn off this light and the WiFi app allows changing of this setting.


You can disable the mic and change the speaker volume through the WiFi app. You can also disable voice recording by clicking the multi-key on the camera. If you find the camera is too annoying you can turn down the alert volume or if you can't hear it in your car you can turn this setting up.

Recording Channel

If you only want to record 1-channel video on the LGD521, make sure to set the "recording channel" to 1-channel so that the camera does not keep alerting you that there's no rear camera connected!

Video Tuning (Reset Sensor)

The name for this setting is a bit weird but it lets you fine tune the video to your preferences. You can raise or lower the brightness and contrast to your liking.