Koonlung Single Channel Dashcams (A76, C74, C81)

If you're just looking for a quick comparison between the specs of the various single channel dashcams from Koonlung, that can be found here.

We were very excited to introduce the Koonlung single channel dashcams to the North American market as they combine excellent build quality, premium video components, and the user friendliness/simplicity of products like our popular Skyview G1. Unlike most Chinese dashcam companies Koonlung actually has a recognizable brand, website, and YouTube channel which is a big plus compared to dashcams like the G1W which have numerous different sources making it hard for customers to pinpoint the manufacturer of the product they purchased. 

In terms of packaging it's clear that Koonlung has invested quite a bit on it's design and it gives the sense that it's a premium product compared to the somewhat lackluster packing of the cheaper Skyview products. All 3 of these cameras share a similar form factor and a similar suction cup mount. The mount Koonlung has provided uses a smaller diameter suction cup and overall doesn't add as much height as traditional ones such as the ones used on the Cobra CDR 840 and the Skyview G1. Included as well are mounting clips to keep the wire tucked neatly, this is usually only found on higher end Korean dashcams so it was nice to see Koonlung include it with their relatively affordable options. 

Features-wise both the C74 and C81 support 64GB cards whereas the A76 supports 32GB. 64GB support gives the Koonlungs an edge over the entry level dashcams such as the G1W or Skyview G1 and would offer up to 12 hours of recording which should be enough to not overwrite any important footage if you choose to hardwire it and park at work. Functionally all 3 are very similar and simple devices to operate and setup, there are 4 main buttons to navigate the menu and playback but there aren't any gimmicky features like lane departure warning. The C81 does have the built-in GPS which can display speed in kilometres per hour. 



Video quality is the main selling point of the Koonlung series and it truly excels in this area outperforming the cheaper Skyview lineup. License plates are clear and both the C74 and the C81 which feature 1296P at 30fps recording and 1080P 45fps recording are nothing short of impressive. The C74 and C81 feature 160° wide angle lenses which are virtually distortion free and utilize a wide aperture for bright night video. The cheapest model, Koonlung A76 doesn't offer quite the dynamic range at night as the C74/C81 but the license plate/sign clarity is exceptional as well as shown in this sample video here



Overall we are very impressed with the Koonlung dashcams and are excited to be the first to bring this brand to North America. The video quality, price point, and build quality makes for an incredible value proposition and make these single channel units a perfect mid range choice. For those looking to hardwire it doesn't look like Koonlung will be integrating motion detection technology but these are a perfect choice for someone not concerned with parking mode.