Gift Guide 2018

Choosing a gift to get for the people we care about the most, regardless of how big or small the occasion, can be a tall order. This is especially true for important events such as a graduation, a holiday or a birthday. When it comes to shopping for something like a dash camera, a piece of technology that helps protect people and their vehicles, there are some difficult to answer questions like: “Am I spending enough?”, “am I spending too much?”, “do I buy a single channel or dual channel dash cam?”. You definitely want to make the right purchase. At BlackboxMyCar, the leading authority in the dash cam industry, we want to take that weight off your shoulders - allow us to provide you with our recommendations for the dash cams that will fit all your needs!

Protecting your wallet goes hand-in-hand with protecting you, our customer. We offer a product and a level of service that are unparalleled and built on years of experience. Case in point our Special Bundles for this holiday season. Here is where we include numerous important accessories.

At BlackboxMyCar we hear all too many times that a file either wasn’t saved properly or got buried under other footage. This is why we have bundled an additional backup microSD card which will allow you to swap out your existing card with everything you need, and continue to record with the new card, without worrying about clips being overwritten.

Our Extended Warranty is also unbeatable. We have a relationship with our suppliers unlike any other vendor, which allows us to offer the most inclusive in-house warranty and technical support. Our Extended Warranty not only protects your wallet in the future from camera failure but first time shoppers will have access to world-class dash cam service unmatched by anyone else in North America.

Super Saver: Starting At Less Than $100!

Starting at just under $100, we love the VIOFO A119S V2 and the VIOFO A119S V2 with GPS Looking at the spec sheet it’s easy to see why we’d recommend these units and it’s hard to believe how so much can be had for so little. So how on earth do you make this even better? We have put together an incredible bundle for the 2018 Black Friday and 2018 Holiday Deal season.

The Middle of the Road: Between $100 - $249

This is where things start to get exciting for the 2018 Holiday Deal and Black Friday sales. We are offering a grand entrance for the brand new Thinkware FA200 IRC BlackboxMyCar Edition and the BlackVue DR590W. These two units are proof you really can get more for less with features including Full HD, WiFi, 128GB MicroSD card support, and 2 channel (dual camera) right out of the box. On top of that the FA200 IRC BlackboxMyCar Edition is the ideal Rideshare/Fleet driver/active Uber or Lyft driver to be dual camera or 2 channel system with a full HD camera facing forward and an Infrared camera pointed into the cabin. You really can secure you car, your property, and yourself for less, and these two dash cams make that possible!

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Nothing but the Best: $250+

These exclusive BlackboxMyCar Special Bundles offer the absolute best in safety, security, and protection. The Thinkware F800 Pro D+ (a product we developed in partnership with Thinkware) and the BlackVue DR900S are the very best money can buy, and have an impressive list of features. Between the two of these dash camera systems we see the emergence of the first 4K dash cam and cloud-based remote access of live feed and files. The F800 Pro D+ is the first system we are offering with a CPL Filter included - the perfect weapon to protect your footage quality from the sun and other forms of direct light which are the primary cause for poor footage quality. These dash cams really are the perfect answer to the question: how do I know if my loved ones are truly safe?