G1W Dashcam Review

The G1W is the cheapest dashcam model we sell here at BlackboxMyCar.com so it might be assumed that "you get what you pay for" and what you get here is a subpar product. However that could not be further from the truth and in terms of bang for the buck the G1W is going to be very hard to beat. The design seems to bare a resemblance to some of DOD's high end dashcams but we understand there's only so many form factors a manufacturer can go with and this doesn't bother us. 

The body of the G1W itself is quite short but when paired with the suction cup mount it's more than 4" tall

Inside the Box

The G1W is an entry level dash cam so it's fairly straight forward in terms of included accessories. There's a suction cup mount that's easy enough to figure out, a USB cable, and a mini USB power cable. There's an English manual but as with the Skyview G1 and G6 the menu interface is very easy to figure out. Due to the lack of an adhesive mount and the overall width of the device, it's not the easiest device to mount discreetly, so if you're on a budget and looking for something more hidden the Skyview G6 is a great alternative. 

4 buttons surround the large screen while a power button and menu button are up top. While not as straight forward as the G1, the G1W is still very user friendly.


The best feature of the G1W is its large 2.7" screen that has a 16:9 ratio making it perfect for aiming the Full HD camera, compared to most other dashcams that use 4:3 or square screens. The button layout is a bit more complicated than the closely related Skyview G1 because they are spread out but overall we don't think customers will have a hard time figuring it out. As expected in this price range there's no WiFi or GPS but we frankly wouldn't want to use a low-rent WiFi app and would much rather resort to using the screen. While the box may suggest otherwise, there isn't really a night vision mode and there certainly isn't a proper Parking Mode as with the higher end Korean devices from Blackvue/Finevu although hardwiring is still an option.


Video quality is where the G1W really impresses, it's super sharp and does a surprisingly good job at picking up license plates. The dynamic range doesn't seem to be as good as the G1 or G6 so shadows appear darker and less detail is picked up on the side at night. The 140 degree angle is nothing as crazy as the G6's 170 lens but still falls within the sweet spot of capturing a good amount within the frame without introducing much distortion.


While there's no doubt the G1W lacks many of the high end features, we think it's a great starting point for those first time buyers who aren't certain whether they need a dashcam or not. Of course here at BlackboxMyCar we couldn't imagine driving without one we understand there are customers who are hesitant on the investment. All one needs to do is pop in a Micro SD card, secure the suction cup mount, and plug in the cigarette adapter and the G1W is good to go. As an exercise in simplicity and affordability we can safely recommend the G1W as a starter dashcam. The G1 and G6 are not much more money and in our experience offers a more reliable package overall. 

We also want to point out the shocking number of imitation G1W on the market for which we can't vouch for. The bigger concern is that these eBay/Amazon sellers often have no after-sales support and warranty is rarely ever mentioned. We do not provide any after-sales support or warranty for any one who purchased their G1W through Amazon, those customers must contact their seller directly as there are an infinite number of sources for G1W and we do nut distribute to any Amazon G1W sellers.

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