Fleet Vehicle Discount

BlackboxMyCar offers fleet discounts for commercial vehicle owners who are looking to buy in bulk. We’ve seen a growth in the truck and commercial vehicle market, where fleet managers want to monitor their drivers for both safety and surveillance reasons. Having dashcams equipped in these daily-used vehicles provide a guarantee of personal safety for your drivers and equipment, as well as the peace of mind that should an incident occur, all footage will be captured by the dashcam. We have provided fleet discounts for well-known companies, such as Makita Canada Inc. and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Please feel free to send us an inquiry through the form below or give us a call at 1-888-978-6560 for more details.

“With our vehicles on the road every business day across the Greater Vancouver region, it was critical for us to have a silent witness on-board at all time for both employee tracking and risk reduction in the event of an accident.” Andrew Ling, Director of Marketing at Kintec

Kintec delivery trucks are equipped with BlackVue DR380G-HD dash cam.

Some of our most popular fleet units include the Thinkware F770, BlackVue DR650S, BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR/IR Truck, BlackSys CH-100B and Thinkware F50. Below are some examples of what we've done for many other companies