First Impressions & Review: NeoroadOtosaver DAS-3000HD

During our first visit to Korea back in the summer of 2013, we were invited to a meeting with Neoroad, which never went through. On our latest trip back a couples months ago, we saw the popularity of Neoroad Otosavers and decided to bring back a unit to try for ourselves.

Neoroad Otosaver DAS-3000HD

Our Thoughts:

The Otosaver shares resemblances to BlackVue cameras. Though it maybe not be as sleek, I actually find it fairly attractive. I really like that the device is all black, and uses a metallic red ring around the camera lens that really gives an accent that pops, without looking tacky or taking away from the subtle-ness. Upon holding the product, it is without a doubt that the build quality is not on par with high-end Korean dashcams like FineVu. Though it feels plastic-y, it still manages to look very good, and not cheap and tacky, unlike many Chinese dashcams.  

The DAS 3000HD actually offers some pretty interesting features. To start, it has a 5MP camera, which is much higher than the standard. Also, it has the feature to record/use for up to 10 minutes when disconnected from its power source, which can be very useful in the scene of an accident in which you can take pictures of the scene. To top it off, the DAS 3000HD has a a battery shut-off function, in which it will shut off automatically when the voltage dips too low.


Though I haven't tested the unit yet, I am fairly impressed with what it has to offer on paper. I am a big fan of the design, and think that it seems like it can be a great product for a more entry-level dashcam. There are some initial complaints that I have identified. Though there are options for GPS and the ability to hardwire without an external source, the cables needed are a separate purchase, which can drive up the price. Having said that, it seems to be a convenient feature not having to have an external hardwiring source.  

Review and Conclusion:

The Otosaver DAS-3000HD is a decent dashcam. Its interesting because it comes with features that you don't normally see on other dashcams, which I really like. The ability to use your dashcam outside of your vehicle for a short period of time, as well as not needing an external hardwiring source are great. They are features that seem to get real-world usage. The 5MP camera is also an added bonus. The design is also nice and subtle, which I like.

I do not like that it offers things such as GPS and internal hardwiring, yet do not include the necessary cable, leading you to buy it for yourself, possibly driving up the costs.  Other than that, the buttons at the backside of the camera are quite cluttered, and feel cheap and plastic-y. Because the buttons are cluttered, it seems easy to easily mash onto the other buttons accidentally. There is also a red LED lighting that lights up the cluster of buttons. Because they are so close together, it does not look that good, since it makes it look like a blob of red. Aside from that, I think the Otosaver DAS-3000HD is quite a good camera.

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