First Impressions: Prototype LED Light

During Alex's trip to Korea, he brought back something very interesting. It isn't a dashcam, but it has relations to it. Its a device which has a key component consisting of a G-sensor and an LED light.

Our thoughts

This is a tiny device that you are supposed to put nearby your dashcam, or anywhere else. Because it is equipped with a G-sensor, its main function goes off when the G-sensor goes off. When your car is hit, the device emits a very strong flash strobe of LED light, much like a visual alarm, to notify everyone. Its main purpose is to be used next to a dashcam, so that people know that they are recorded on dashcam if they hit a car equipped with one either on the road, or in a hit and run situation. In the case that the owner is not in the car, the intense strobing light can help notify others of impact.


At first, I didn't understand why something like this would be necessary. But as I think about it more and more, it seems to me that it could be a worthy addition to a dashcam if the price is reasonably low. It would be nice knowing that your car is hit, or if your car is parked and someone hits it.

We will be bringing some units in. Please let us know if any of you guys are interested in something like this. If there is enough interest, we will definitely bring in more.