First Impressions: OJOCAM Pro Mini 0801

At BlackboxMyCar, we are always interested in bringing in new products, to cater to different customers.  Recently, we have been looking into ultra compact dashcams, which is what we have here.  The OJOCAM Pro Mini 0801 is a very compact dashcam that seems to have potential to be in the BlackboxMyCar lineup.


OJOCAM Pro Mini 0801

Our Thoughts:

Initially, I was shocked that a small dashcam like this actually came with a display screen.  In my opinion, it seems rather useless to have a 1.5 Inch display screen, and I would assume it would look cleaner without a screen.  Having said that, I guess it is possible that it is useful only to confirm if videos are recording properly.  It is hard to say much about the video capabilities, but I quite like how small it is.  To add to it, the capsule design is quite appealing to me as well.



All in all, I feel like this dashcam can be a worthy addition to our already varying line-up.  Though I am still on the fence about how useful/useless having a 1.5 Inch display is, I would have to reserve my judgement until actually testing out the unit and seeing what it can do in real world environments.  Aside from that, it seems like a fairly promising device.

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