First Impressions: Focus Black Box 2CH Dashcam

2 channel systems are quickly becoming the default option we turn to when choosing a dashcam.  Recently, there have been more and more variations of dual-channel dashcams coming into the market.  There are ones with a huge LCD display up front, as well as WiFI enabled devices, all have unique things that make them different.  This dashcam I have here is yet unique in another way.  

Focus Black Box 2CH Dashcam

Our Thoughts:

Upon seeing the Focus 2-channel dashcam, there are two things that stand out immensely.  To start, both the front and rear unit are the same size, and they are very, VERY small and discrete.  Secondly, there is a separate unit from both camera bodies.  This extra unit is where all the memory goes, and can be stored in a hidden compartment or anywhere else, which is very convenient for both aesthetics, as well as prevention against theft.


In my opinion, this unit seems very promising. One of the main concerns customers have is that of theft prevention.  A lot of people are often worried that their car will get broken into because the dashcams might not be hidden enough. This device basically is catered to the ones that want a very discrete dashcam that is still a dedicated dual-channel system.  

The small devices hide very well inside a car, and the inclusion of a separate memory unit helps to reduce bulk immensely, while also being more discrete because you can hide the memory unit wherever you want.  In the case that someone does steal the dashcams, the memory will still be in-tact because it is on a separate unit.  I am looking forward to reviewing this unit as I feel like it will be very popular and will have positive feedback.

We will have a full review coming out soon, so keep an eye out!

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