First Impressions: DR750LW-2CH WiFi

BlackVue DR750LW-2CH WiFi

It is no secret that dash cam companies are constantly coming out with new features in their products. One of the most recent trends that we've seen come out of the Korean dash cam market is the touchscreen LCD display, and now BlackVue has come out to release their own take on it. Let us introduce to you the BlackVue DR750LW-2CH WiFi.

Our Thoughts

The DR750LW-2CH WiFi shoots in a 1080P Full-HD resolution, possesses a powerful 2.4megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS sensor,and records at a very wide 146°. Though this may seem like they are standard specs for top-of-the-line BlackVue products, what makes the DR750 special is that it is the first dual channel system offered by BlackVue to have the ability to shoot full-HD both in the front, as well as the rear dash cam. The rear camera shoots at 1080P, with a 2MP CMOS sensor.

On top of these fantastic specs, the highlight of this dash cam lies in the display. The DR750 is packaged with an incredibly beautiful 4-inch full-colour LCD display.

A lot of our customers ask us why dash cam companies are coming out with large displays such as this dash cam, as admittedly, it is not for everyone. This is a matter of dash cam culture. In Korea, dash cams have become such a phenomena that everyone has one, and the risk of having your car broken into simply is non existant. As a result, dash cams have grown in size, and have become equipped with flashing LCDs and bright colours to notify people that their vehicle is equipped. In a way, it acts as an anti-theft tool along with its main purpose of recording.

We agree that the size of these dash cams have become very bulky due to the size of the screen. However, one cannot deny the fact that a larger screen does make things so much easier to navigate through. The DR750 has a beautifully responsive touchscreen, paired with a Windows 8-esque UI which makes it very easy to use, and looks amazing. With the touch of the screen, you can trigger normal/event recording, mute voice, as well as change settings. It is important to note that through the settings menu, resolution can be changed. The option to record at full-HD up front and just HD in the back (and vice versa) is there, so that is very useful and convenient.


Aside from the size of the product, we can't really think of anything we don't like. Of course, the size and design is purely preferential. We question BlackVue's decision to pack the device with both a WiFi function as well as a display screen. In our opinion, we feel that the WiFi function could have been removed to cut the cost of this dash cam, but we quite like the product.

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