First Impressions: BlackVue DR600GW-HD & DR650GW-2CH

This past week, we received the DR600GW-HD WIFI and DR650GW-2CH WIFI from Blackvue, their latest product that is soon to be released to the North American market.

Our Thoughts:

The DR600GW-HD WIFI and DR650GW-2CH WIFI are both the successors to the DR500GW-HD WIFI and DR550GW-2CH WIFI, however, it is only intended for a North American release.

In the short week that we've had possession of both the dashcams, we were able to get a basic idea of how they operated, and in what areas they improved over its predecessors.

Upon first look of the cameras, it shares striking resemblance to all previous BlackVue cameras. In fact, these two dashcams look very similar than that of their predecessors, aside from its matte-black body. Because North America shares a vastly different dashcam culture from Korea, in which flashy dashcam and lighting effects are preferred, BlackVue catered the DR600GW and DR650GW specifically for its North American consumers by offering a fully matte black body. The matte black body makes the dashcam very unnoticeable behind a windshield, which is a bonus for people that are afraid their car would get broken into

Feature-wise, the new DR600GW and DR650GW is most prominent in that it offers a much faster Wi-Fi connection speed. To add to that, they are now capable of taking up to 128GB of memory as opposed to the 32GB that the DR500GW and DR550GW were able to use. Though we did not see any significant changes to the video quality of both cameras, the DR600GW is equipped with a slightly nicer hardware upgrade; 2.4 megapixel as opposed to the DR500GW's 2.0 megapixel. The rear-facing camera of the DR650GW remains unchanged, still using an HD quality camera as opposed to brands like FineVu which offer Full HD front and back. This is something that could have been changed. Lastly, it is important to note that the DR600GW has gone back to using a 133 degree wide-angle lens. This change is because of complaints of the DR500GW's 156degree wide-angle lens causing too much of a fish-eye effect.


Overall, it seems like the DR600GW and DR650GW prove to be promising devices. We will be releasing full fledged reviews on both products very soon. This is our first week update of BlackVue DR600GW-HD WIFI and BlackVue DR650GW-2CH WIFI.

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