FineVu T9 Dual Review

The Finevu T9 is a discreet and affordable dual channel dashcam system

FineVu’s entry level dual channel dashcam marks a shift from the typical high end products FineVu has been putting out over the last 2-3 years. Instead of Full HD Sony CMOS sensors, the T9 only shoots in 720P (front) and 480P (rear) which is good enough for basic evidence in most situations. The overall design is super simple with no screens and just 2 rear buttons to control the FineVu T9’s limited settings. Both front and rear units use space saving and easy to adjust adhesive mounts and other than an orange/chrome ring around the front lens the T9 is very inconspicuous when mounted, a feature the Korean manufacturers seem to be doing best.

The space saving and tilt adjusting adhesive mount allows for easy access/removal of the main unit

Inside the box

Inside the FineVu T9’s bright yellow box you’ll find not only a standard cigarette adapter but a hardwiring kit as well. The FineVu T9’s internal battery protection hardware can be configured using their proprietary desktop app and for that reason it’s not necessary to purchase an extra power magic pro which further contributes to the value of this budget dual-channel dashcam. We like these direct hardwire kits as they make the install much cleaner and involve a lot less wiring/components. A 3.5mm connecting cable joins the front and rear units and it’s significantly simpler and sturdier than the coaxial cable that comes with Blackvue’s dual channel devices, perhaps because the T9’s rear unit is simpler and only records in a VGA resolution. The standard 16GB Micro SD card is actually fairly sufficient due to this device’s lower resolution but for higher end dual-channel systems we always recommend at least 32GB). 

It's easy to adjust the angle of the rear unit and even flip the image for different orientation


When it comes to features the FineVu T9 certainly can’t hide it’s budget price point, other than the aforementioned battery protection capacitor function and a g-sensor with parking mode there isn’t too much to talk about. Changing settings is done through a Windows PC app and the T9 does come with a decent English manual. We do appreciate the T9’s easy method of formatting memory cards as it just requires you to hold down the “REC” button on the device however. Motion detection works well as with any FineVu device and will be the main selling point for this device. 


For video quality on the FineVu T9, as much as we’d like to say it blew us away and makes us question why we carry dual channel systems that cost twice as much, that simply isn’t the case. The video output is clearly that of an entry level device and can be quite pixelated at times particularly with the rear unit. The viewing angle of just 111 degrees is not as wide as we’d like but we recognize how a wider angle could compromise video quality even further. That being said the T9 still provides a useful degree of evidence and is priced well under most peoples insurance deductibles, so from a purely practical sense it’s actually a pretty good value proposition. It might not capture the license plates some sharper devices can, even at a standstill, but as far as identifying vehicles on the road and determining who is at fault, the T9 does its job. 

When mounted the front unit is very inconspicuous, particularly from a distance 


While the FineVu T9 wouldn’t be my first choice for a dual channel system, it’s certainly a value leader in the dual-channel segment. Those that don’t mind the bulkier shape should also check out the T9’s bigger brother, FineVu CR-2000G, which puts out significantly sharper video, has a screen, and more. Ultimately as an affordable, easy to mount, and discreet system, we’re happy to carry this new offering from FineVu.

Video Samples (make sure you switch to 720P!):

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