FineVu T9 Long Term Review

FineVu's T9 was launched earlier in 2015 and offered an affordable option for both 2-Channel recording and a true parking mode by motion detection. In our first impressions we talked about how the T9 was so different than any of the other dashcams we carry in terms of video performance, functionality, and price point. The T9 offers HD and VGA resolution recording so it's not quite as sharp as our offerings from BlackSys or Blackvue but it's important to note that sharper video quality doesn't always mean the dashcam offers more protection. 


In our long term testing we found that customers loved the discreet design of the T9 and the straight forward hassle-free interface. There's only 2 buttons on the back and most customers never really have to use them, one button can be used to trigger an event recording while the other turns the mic on and off. The T9 does not have the WiFi connectivity of higher end 2-channel systems like the CH-100B from BlackSys, and some of our customers actually preferred this as they had concerns over the complexity of smartphone apps. 

The T9 proved to be reliable in hot weather testing thanks to it's simple packaging with an abundance of cooling vents. Thanks to the lack of internal GPS, lower resolution recording, and less stress on the camera's processor we rarely encountered any warranty issues with the T9. We also liked the durability and simplicity of the cables FineVu chose for this model, the connecting cable that goes between the front and rear camera is thin and easy to tuck but the male ends are much stronger than the coaxial cables on Blackvue dashcams. 

We were pleased to learn that FineVu had released an English version of the T9 viewer in December as one of the most frustrating things about the T9 at launch was the Korean only software which is now no longer the case. At this price point there isn't much competition for the T9, the next step up would be the FineVu CR2000G or BlackSys CH100B which go for about twice as much. For those that are looking for an entry level system and aren't too concerned with picking up license plates, FineVu's T9 would be the perfect solution.