FineVu CR300HD Review

Key Features

-True high definition at 1080P, 30FPS

-Sleek form and flexibility

-Built in G-Sensor and event recording

-Parking mode and motion detection

-Dedicated buttons for voice on/off, event recording, etc

-Highly adjustable mounts

-Easy to use

When speaking about FineVu, often times we associate it with BlackVue. The two companies are each other's biggest rivals. Though they both produce high-end, feature-packed dashcams, their design philosophies are quite different. Whereas Blackvue tries for subtle and sleek designs, FineVu is not afraid to show their work of art, resulting in a camera that isn't the most discrete one around, but looks absolutely stunning in design and quality.



The FineVu CR300 shoots amazing footage. It shoots at a FULL HD 1080P, with a resolution of 1920x1080. To add to it, it shoots at 30FPS, making sure to capture everything necessary on the road. The dashcam comes with some very useful features, such as a G-sensor, which is essential to a good dashcam. With a G-sensor, any impact will cause it to go to event-recording, a separate recording method that will not be overwritten. In the case that you decide to hardwire the dashcam, the CR300 has a Parking Mode, which allows the dashcam to record even when the ignition is off. Because the Parking mode is activated by motion detection, it will only record when it senses movement, making it very efficient not to drain battery.



The design of the CR300 is subjective. It may not be for everyone, but if you are one of the ones that like it, you will truly appreciate how beautiful the unit is. Being that I am one of the people that really like the design of the CR300, I cannot stop saying good things about it. It is truly beautiful.  Upon holding it, there is a certain heft in your hand, much like a quality product. All the materials used in the design feel very high-quality, and very sturdy. From the glossy/matte black body, to the chrome ring, to the lens; the design of this mini-camcorder is truly magnificent.



The CR300 is not without its flaws. To start, there is no GPS function. Though there is the option to add external GPS, having an internally built GPS would be nice. Though the second one is not necessarily a flaw, I feel the need to address it. Though I really like the design of the CR300, it may possibly be too bulky for some people. It is definitely not as subtle as a Blackvue dashcam, and can turn away some people.


1. Shoots in 1080P, 30FPS

2. Amazing day and night quality

5. Parking mode by Motion detection

4. Dedicated buttons


1. Bulkier design

2. External GPS instead of internal

3. Form factor


  • Offers true Full HD 1080P (1920x1080) quality at 30fps.
  • External GPS & G-Sensor. 
  • Parking Mode by motion detection available upon hardwire install. 
  • Viewing angle: Diagonal 129°/ Horizontal 112°/ Vertical 63°
  • Maximum memory card inserted: 32GB
  • Security LED. (Can be disabled)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 55°C / Storage 20°C ~ 60°C

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Ready to make a purchase? The CR300 has been discontinued, and replaced by the CR500. If interested, Click here!

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