FineVu CR200HD Review

Key Features

-Records at 1080P, 15FPS, or 720P, 30FPS

-Continuous loop recording

-Built in G-Sensor and event recording

-Parking mode and motion detection

-Dedicated buttons for voice on/off, event recording, etc

-Highly adjustable mounts

-Easy to use


The CR200HD is the lower-end model in the FineVu lineup. It is an entry level model when compared to its big brother, the CR300HD. Having said that, it does not mean it is not good. It has lower specs, but is still an amazing camera.



The CR200HD is the smaller brother of the CR300HD. It still records at 1080P, but at 15FPS. In addition, it has the ability to record at 720P with a higher FPS of 30. Like the CR300HD, it offers all the basic functions you would want, including built-in G-sensor and event recording, parking mode with motion detection, and dedicated buttons to activate/de-activate various features such as voice on/off, manual recording, and snapshots.



Much like the CR300HD, the design of the CR200HD might not be for everyone. It is bigger than slimmer units such as the BlackVues, but the build quality of it is amazing. The design is very beautiful, but may not be suitable for everyone's taste. Unlike its bigger brother, the CR200HD is actually very colorful, sporting a tri-tone of White and black, with neon orange accents. It is definitely not that subtle, but looks like a beautiful and quality device.



The main flaw of the CR200 is its design. The bright colours and bulk of the unit may turn some people away from it. In addition, it does not come with internally built GPS.



1. Shoots in 1080P, and 720P

2. Amazing day and night quality

5. Parking mode by Motion detection

4. Dedicated buttons


1. Bulkier design

2. External GPS instead of internal

3. Form factor


Video Samples:



What is Parking Mode by Motion Detection? Learn more from HERE

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Ready to make a purchase? The CR200 has been discontinued, and replaced by the CR500. If interested, Click here!

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