FineVu CR2000S Review

Key Features

-Industry first:  Full HD 1080P recording at 30FPS front and rear.

-Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor front and rear

-Integration of blue filter

-WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function

-Dual SD slot.  Dedicated SD slot for both normal recording and parking mode

-Aluminum body

-3.5 Inch LCD (dual monitor feature)


Competition and rivalry is great.  It is not a secret that both BlackVue and FineVu have been rivals in the dashcam industry for quite some time, continuously introducing newer and improved products to the market.  With the introduction of BlackVue's DR550GW-2CH, BlackVue gained an upper hand with a high-end dual channel dashcam.  The FineVu CR2000S is FineVu's answer to the high-end dual-channel dashcam market, to level the playing field against its competitors.

Being the new flagship model that is to be released soon in North American markets, the CR2000S packs many new features that have never been seen in other dashcams.  For our review, we got our hands on a Korean unit.  The unique thing about the Korean unit is that the front-facing camera has a glossy White exterior, while the rear-facing camera remains black.  For North American edition CR2000S, both cameras will remain black.



The CR2000S has set industry standards by becoming the first to offer a Full 1080P recording at 30FPS for both front and rear-facing cameras.  To add to that, both cameras are equipped with Sony's EXMOR CMOS sensor, which is exceptional in capturing video in low-light settings, especially during night time.  Compared to any other dedicated dual-channel systems out on the market today, the CR2000S has by far the best video quality.  With features such as WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), and Blue filter, greater scene details can be captured, as well as retention of clarity even in backlit-settings.

The CR2000S includes a dedicated 3.5inch LCD screen.  With the LCD screen, real-time recording can be observed, and settings/customizations can be done on the screen with relative ease.  The most interesting part about the CR2000S screen is that it allows for a dual-screen setup.  What this means is that the screen can be split in half and front AND rear camera recordings can be observed. 

As always with FineVu products, they are more energy efficient.  The unit only uses 5W even with both cameras operating, and with the LCD display on.  The last interesting feature on this device is the fact that it has two memory card slots.  One specifically used to store parking mode recordings, and another used for normal recordings.



The design of the CR2000 is quite spectacular.  The front facing camera may be too bulky for some, but it is truly a quality piece.  With a 3.5inch LCD screen behind it, it is definitely larger.  The unit is not light, but the heft that it carries seems justified when the product is in your hand.  The build quality of this unit is amazing.  With a high-luster Black (White in Korean edition) cover, the FineVu CR2000S is wrapped with a full brushed aluminum frame.  Upon holding the product and looking at the details, there is no doubt this is a very high-end quality product.  Though it may not be the sleekest device on the market, the design is brilliant in a totally different sense.  The rear-facing camera is just as interesting as the front, because it is completely different.  The rear-facing camera is in the form of a tiny cube. It is quite amazing to see the power thats packed inside such a small rear-facing camera.



Though the CR2000S packs many great features, it is not without its flaws.  The visual appeal of the CR2000S is definitely not for everyone. Much like FineVu's other products, the CR2000S is quite bulky and heavy.  Though I personally feel the build quality and over-all design justifies the bulk and weight, it is totally understandable how this might be a factor that turns people away. The rear-facing camera is not bulky, but it is a small cubed-shape camera.  Though it is small, the cube-shaped camera might not be able to hide itself from the public eye as well as other smaller rear-facing cameras.  The biggest advantage the DR550GW-2CH has over the CR2000 is the fact that it has WiFi.  Dedicated GPS isn't included in the CR2000S, but there is a high chance that the North American version will include it.  Lastly, the coaxial cable that links the front and rear camera is quite thick, which makes it harder to install.



1. 3.5 Inch LCD screen (convenient for viewing, and changing settings)

2. LCD display able to display both front/rear camera recordings

3. Very high build quality

4. Wide angle, lots of customization

5. Many interesting features (Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor, Blue filter, WDR)

6. Two SD Card slots (one for parking-mode recordings, one for normal recording) 


1. No WiFi

2. No dedicated GPS (not confirmed for North American version)

3. Bulkiness of unit

4. Coaxial cable for front/rear unit connection is thick (harder to install)

5. Square-shaped rear-camera may be more visible

Mounted Pictures:


Camera: 2.4M Pixels Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor

Viewing Angle: wide: 136 (degrees), vertical: 115, horizontal: 72

Resolution: Full HD 30FPS Front & Rear

Compression System: Video H.264

File Format: MP4

Memory: 32GB Max

GPS: Yes

Input Voltage: 12V-24V

Current Consumption: 5W

Operating Temperature: -10 to 60 degrees C

Size: Front) 92.5 x 66 x 42mm / 163g

         Rear) 35.8 x 35.8 35.8mm / 41g

Notable features: Blue filter, WDR, 2 SD card slots, Parking Mode by motion detection, G-sensor, Security LED.  

Video Samples:

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