FineVu CR2000G: First Impression

One of the most asked about units by our customers recently is FineVu's latest dashcam offering:  The CR2000G.  We initially had a Korean version of the CR2000S, but finally got our hands on the official North American rendition of this dashcam in the form of the CR2000G.


FineVu CR2000G


Our Thoughts:

In the recent years we have started to see the growing trend of bigger and bulkier dashcams that include a LCD display.  Big companies such as BlackVue and FineVu have stepped into the playing field in producing these LCD dashcams, as an answer to the demand.  

We have reviewed the CR2000S before, so we had an idea what to expect with the CR2000G.  In addition to having a nice LCD display, there are some intense features packed into this device.  It is one of the first dual channel devices to offer Full 1080P recording both from and rear, and offers a dual SD-slot feature.  With this feature, there is a memory slot for 'normal recording', as well as 'event recording'.  With a feature like this, it makes it much more efficient in how much footage actually gets recorded.  

What makes the CR2000G different is that it is the North American version.  With this version, it comes with an internal GPS as well as having a gloss-black body instead of a white body.



Ever since the CR2000S, I have always liked it.  Yes, it is a big and bulky unit, but some thing about FineVu designs really get me and I always enjoy how it looks despite it looking big and chunky.  Just like the CR500HD before it, there is a certain quality to it that makes me really like the design, and this dashcam is no different.  I am really liking the gloss-black housing in the CR2000G as it looks very classy while still looking subtle.

We will have a full review coming out soon, so keep an eye out!


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