Everything You Need to Know About Cellink Battery B

Hello! Alex from BlackboxMyCar here, and today we are going to talk about the latest version of the Cellink Battery B.

The Cellink Battery B is the best battery pack that we offer for supporting your dashcam and its parking mode functions. Most customers purchase the Cellink Battery to avoid hardwiring or using the vehicle’s battery to power the dashcam. The Cellink Battery can charge itself by being hardwired into an ignition fuse in your car’s fuse box, or by being plugged into one of your car’s 12 volt cigarette sockets. A Cellink Battery takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to be fully charged. When the Cellink is fully charged, it will provide enough charge to have your 2-Channel dashcam system run for about 20 hours of parking mode recording. This is a substantial difference when compared to the 5-7 hours of parking mode recording that a typical hardwiring kit can offer.

Once your car is turned off, the dashcam will seamlessly run on the Cellink’s power. During this time, power from your vehicle’s own battery will not be used, which will help prolong your vehicle’s battery’s life and keep it in top condition. You can learn more about how you can install a Cellink Battery B, here.

Cellink Battery B 2.0

What's New?

The new Cellink has some distinct differences when compared with the previous version. The new Cellink Battery is more efficient at charging and lasts longer than its predecessor. The new Cellink also no longer has a constant fuse connection to the car’s fuse box, meaning that power cannot be tapped from the vehicle’s battery once the Cellink’s power is depleted; again, this feature will help maintain your vehicle’s battery life and condition.

The Cellink 2.0 has an audio notification system, where it makes different beeps, each with a different meaning behind them. Some occasions where the Cellink would beep are: when it turns on, when it runs out of battery, when it begins charging, and when it’s disconnected from power. If something is wrong with the way it's being charged, a Cellink will beep once, and then twice and should continue to do so until the issue is fixed. These beeps are there to help users identify what condition their Cellink is in.

Cellink Battery Switches

Another change found in the new Cellink is the addition of a physical switch. This switch allows you to select from 3 different voltage settings: 7amp, 5amp, and off. 7amp is used when the Cellink Battery is charging through a hardwire connection and is the one that most customers use, while 5 amp is used for any charging options that involves using the 12 volt cigarette adaptor instead. The Off option is there if you don’t want to use the parking mode recording, effectively shutting the Cellink down. For example: you’re parked in a closed garage and you know that you aren’t going to see any events; instead of having the unit overwrite the older videos and use more battery, you can just switch the Cellink Battery B off and protect your older files.

Cellink 12Volt Power Cable

Options to Consider

If you have the 12v male cigarette jack, your charging options aren’t limited to just the car. With the male cigarette jack, you can charge your Cellink in any regular power outlet through a power inverter, so long as the power inverter has an output of 5A and also has a female cigarette socket. If you purchase a power inverter that outputs anything less than 5A, then the Cellink will not be able to charge. This is why it is very important to make sure that your power inverter can charge your Cellink if you plan to charge your Cellink at home.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing is how the Cellink would function in different climates. It’s important to note that all batteries will face some performance issues with very cold temperatures. Even with this setback, the Cellink Battery B is definitely still useful, causing less strain on your car’s battery and lowering your chances of having a dead car battery than hardwiring a dashcam would. When using the 12v cigarette adaptor, it is recommended that you keep the Cellink plugged in at all possible times, to keep it functioning at its best.

The Cellink Battery B also has an optional Expansion pack that can be attached to it. This Expansion pack acts as an extra battery and effectively doubles the amount of time that your Cellink can provide a charge for. This means that your Cellink Battery B would keep your dashcam on for around 40 hours for a 2-Channel setup when paired with an Expansion pack instead of the 20 hours that we mentioned earlier. The newer generation Expansion pack sports a new design as well, and no longer carries the extra female cigarette jack or the 2 USB ports that the previous version had.

“Which one do I plug into? Which unit drains first?” The New expansion pack simplifies its use by being a source of extra power only. This decision was made because many customers found the extra Female cigarette jack in the old expansion pack confusing. Keep in mind that having the Expansion pack also means that charging will take longer to fully charge, around double the time it would for a regular Cellink Battery.

Cellink Battery B 2.0 + Expansion Pack


Some customers run multiple dashcam systems in their car at once. In cases like this, we recommend getting a secondary Cellink unit instead of getting the expansion pack. With a single unit & expansion pack, it would take double the amount of time it would take to charge two separate units instead. It is also safer to run two units instead of one, because the dashcams would then have different sources for power. This means that if one Cellink fails, only one system will go down instead of having both systems go down at once.

If you are looking to avoid hardwiring, are looking for a way to prolong your car’s battery or are looking to extend the duration of your dashcam’s parking mode, then you will definitely enjoy the Cellink Battery B.