DVR-207 Review

Key Features

-Records at 720P 30FPS

-Built-in 2.5" Screen

-120 Degree viewing angle


-Supports up to 32GB Memory

In the market of low-end dashcams, there are many, many variations. Though there are many variations, it is safe to say most of the difference comes in the appearance. In many of these low-end dashcams, they come with similar, and sometimes identical internals, which makes deciding which low-end dashcam you want to purchase solely based on your preference of housing and design.  


The DVR-207 is the predecessor of the immensely popular DVR-027. It records in the same 720P resolution, with the addition of a G-sensor, which is what makes it different. With the G-sensor, the DVR-207 is able to record a separate file in case of collision or impact. This new addition also fixed the infamous bug that its previous generation had, which was gaps in between files. The DVR-207 does not film exceptionally well, but it does its job at the price point. Its night-time quality is definitely more lacking, but again, there are no complaints at the price paid.


The design of the device is interesting. It is interesting in that it allows you the option of flipping down the LCD display, or hiding it. Most dashcams in this segment have an LCD display of sorts, so its a welcome addition to see the ability to conceal it if you wished to do so.


There are a couple of problems with the DVR-207. To start, it films in 720P, when most dashcams in this segment as well as higher up are using 1080P recording. The night-time recording can definitely improve as well. The DVR-207 comes with 6 LED lights in the front that was intended to help with night-time recording, but fails horribly. Instead of giving extra lighting, the strong LEDs reflect off of the windshield, making night-time recording a mess. Thankfully, the LEDs can be turned off.


1. Compact

2. Inexpensive

3. G-sensors

4.  LCD display

5.  Concealable LCD display


1. Still using 720P recording

2. LED lights useless

3. Mediocre Night-time quality


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