DOD LS360W Review

The DOD LS360W is a high end single channel dash cam from DOD that does not include built-in GPS as found in the DOD LS460W. Styling wise it is nearly identical to the 460W with a wide and short black case but the 360W doesn't have the small antenna on the top thus reducing overall height and making the camera less visible. We would've preferred matte black lettering or no lettering altogether on the front of the device but when paired with the adhesive mount, the LS360W is actually fairly discreet and can mount behind most rearview mirrors.

Inside the Box

In the box you'll find not only a swivel ball adhesive mount but a slightly taller suction mount for those that don't mind trading off a bit of bulkiness for easy removal. The power adapter uses a mini USB plug and is long enough to be neatly wire tucked along the frame of the window. An optional GPS unit is also available for those that either didn't feel they needed the GPS at first or prefer the segregated design of an external GPS over the integrated antenna on the LS460W.


On the rear of the device you'll find a large and clear 2.7" LCD screen with an array of buttons for easy setup and playback. While it's possible that cameras like the G1W knocked off DOD's shape and dimensions, the buttons and build quality of the DOD dash cam is significantly better than the flimsier Chinese devices. The DOD LS360W can support micro SD cards up to 64GB which is more than sufficient for a single channel dash cam without parking mode by motion detection. It's important to note that the DOD devices aren't optimized for parking mode so while they can be hardwired using a kit such as the power magic pro, because it doesn't feature motion detection it will just constantly record which will consume more battery power and memory card space than is ideal.


DOD is a leader in dash cam video quality and thus it should be no surprise that the LS360W performs very well in this department. Not only does it have a larger Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor than it's predecessors but the optics use high quality Japanese components as well. By combining a wide aperture f/1.6 lens and a sensor that can go up to ISO 3200 the low light video quality is second to none while still delivering impressive dynamic range. If a customer's primary concern in their dash cam is video quality the LS360W would be a great dash cam to recommend.


We like the DOD LS360W a lot and feel that with a parking mode function this series would be a slam dunk. It is a significant drawback though, as even a 64GB card will fill up overnight, so if your car was hit and run during that time, the footage may be lost. Another feature the LS360W lacks is WiFi connectivity so iPhone users will have a harder time uploading files than if they had gone with a high end BlackVue dash cam. It's not the most popular dash cam for that reason as pretty good video quality can be had from non-parking mode equipped dash cams for significantly less money, but it's important to keep in mind the type of support and reliability that can be expected by purchasing from a renowned company like DOD.

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