DOD LS330W Review

DOD is a Taiwanese company that has a great reputation for video quality so we were excited to check out the LS330W and LS430W as it was an award winning device at the Security Industry Association's showcase in 2014. The difference between the two devices is that the LS430W adds an internal GPS antenna and has a sightly different look. On the styling front, the LS330W is slimmer than the 430W and has less lettering on the front but the overall look still feels cheap compared to the products from BlackVue or Finevu.

The LS330W still wears some tacky lettering and the plastic just doesn't look as premium as some of the Korean brands

Inside the Box

DOD has been generous enough to provide both an adhesive mount and a suction cup mount which both swivel for maximum adjustability. We generally prefer the adhesive mounts as they're typically better under vibration and makes for a lower profile silhouette as well. Suction mounts are however great for those that like to remove the dashcams easily either for use in other vehicles or for stowing. There's no HDMI cable included with the LS330W unlike the LS460W but that's a small expense if customers feel the need for one. 

An optional external GPS unit might be preferred as it keeps the overall unit height down


The DOD LS330W features a 3MP CMOS sensor, F/1.6 lens, and 15 mbps bit rate so the video hardware is quite impressive. Those that opt for the 330W over the 430W can always opt for the external GPS in case they ever change their mind. The external unit also does away with the on-body antenna making the LS330W slightly smaller overall. One benefit to having GPS is the automatic time synchronization which is much more complicated on devices that don't have a screen and definitely adds some peace of mind. The LS330W supports microSD cards up to 64GB for up to 10 hours of recording which is more than enough for a single channel unit in our opinion. The biggest drawback to the DOD cameras however is their lack of parking mode and motion detection which is important in hit and run situations. Those who would like parking mode will want to consider the BlackVue DR600 and FineVu CR500HD.


Thanks to the large aperture, excellent lens optics, and powerful sensor, the DOD LS330W puts out some incredible video in both day and night. We like to remind customers that not all Full HD sensors are the same and the DOD cameras really quite exceptional in this arena. Video is super sharp but where it could use some improvement is in dynamic range as the video has quite strong contrast at night so the dark areas don't look as clear as they could. We suspect this might be the result of headlights and taillights throwing off the exposure of the LS330W and if compared to the CR500's night footage we can see that the FineVu seems much brighter overall.


There's a lot to like about the DOD's video quality and as important as that is in the world of dashcams, at this price range we'd like to see stuff like parking mode and WiFi as with the BlackVue DR600. It's quite a different product as the DOD caters to those who want a screen and aren't worried about being discreet so it's a welcome addition to our range of dashcams. It's also important to note that while there are similarly styled dashcams on the market, the DOD is not merely a rebranded OEM Chinese device and one must not expect the same great video quality from similar looking devices that are a fraction of the cost.

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