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Holiday Deals are here! Save up to $150 and get them before Christmas!

Connecting to your Smartphone with Thinkware F800 (Android)


The Thinkware F800 is finally here! Here is our quick guide to connecting your F800 with your smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Thinkware F800 App

Download “Thinkware Dashcam Viewer for F800” from the Google Play Store. Open the app > Tap Next > Allow Access > Check Box (Do Not Allow this Popup Again) > OK. Open the app, and tap the red bar towards the bottom of the screen indicating “Dash Cam connection is required.”

Step 2: Configure new Connection

Select “Configure New Connection” Press the WiFi button on the F800 device. You will hear an audio message stating “On your smartphone, connect to a Wi-Fi network whose name starts with Thinkware”

Step 3: Connect Phone to Thinkware's WiFi

Tap Next on the app Tap Wi-Fi Settings and find the camera in the list of networks. In our example, this network is called “Thinkware_XX”


Step 4: Turn on Hotspot

Now, select "Turn On Hotspot". Tap Next. This will take you to Device Settings > Toggle "Allow Permissions" to On. Now, select “Turn On Hotspot” Lastly, turn on your personal hotspot and wait around 10-20 seconds. If your phone connects successfully, you will be met with an audio message stating “Connected to the Internet”. You can now access the dash cam through the App.