Cellink Battery B Pack Review and Walkthrough

Disclaimer: This review is for the first generation Cellink Battery B which has a main battery connection. The current 2.0, and the previous 1.5 gen Cellink B has an ACC only connection and a slightly increased capacity. 

The Cellink Battery B is the most powerful dedicated dashcam battery on the market and has some great features distinguishing it from the T-Power Plus Alpha as well as the Lukas Battery Pack. The Battery pack can be used in place of a traditional hardwiring kit such as the Power Magic Pro or Multi Safer These battery packs are designed to be tucked away and hardwired so the design is fairly simple, it's a black plastic unit with 2 LED indicators telling you whether the battery is full or charging. For mounting Cellink includes 2 fairly large (25mm x 90mm) strips of velcro tape to keep it secure in your vehicle. 


One big concern with these dashcam battery packs is size and whether they will fit in customers' vehicles. While the Cellink Battery B is quite hefty at 800 grams the size is quite manageable at 14 x 12.5 x 4.5 cm. To put that into perspective we've included a picture of the Battery B with our standard 89 x 50 mm business cards. Cellink recommends that the battery is mounted to the floor of the vehicle using the supplied velcro (rough side) on OEM mats. Alternatively you could also mount it in your glovebox depending on where your fuse box is located and how much stuff you'd like to be able to fit in there. 

The Length and Width of the Cellink Battery B relative to our business cards!


There are a few features that help the Cellink Battery B stand out and make it our favourite dedicated dashcam battery pack. Firstly, it's a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery meaning it packs high energy density as well as consistent performance and safety. Also, despite it's high battery capacity of 76.8Wh it only takes a little more than an hour to charge completely which is a testament to the quality of technologies Cellink has utilized in this product. Another feature that might interest some customers is that the Cellink can be set up to not draw from the vehicle's battery at all when the ignition is off, extending the battery life of your vehicle. 

While there are many variables that can affect performance such as temperature and dashcam model, one can typically expect about 18 hours from a dual-channel unit or 23-24 hours from a single channel unit. Another factor that will vary results quite significantly is the area in which the vehicle is parked and how often Parking Mode by Motion Detection is triggered. 


The hardwiring installation is similar to that of the other hardwiring kits with the exception that the Cellink Battery B doesn't need to be hardwired to a constant battery source although that is an option and a useful one at that. We've attached a photo showing the orientation of the different cables, the connections are colour coded so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out but we felt this would be helpful.

The orientation of the various wires of the Cellink Battery B

On the top left we have the "INPUT" cable, some customers will choose to exclusively use this cable as it will not affect the charge on your vehicle's actual battery since it will only charge the Cellink when your ignition is on. The black cable is to be grounded while the red cable will connect to an ACC fuse on your vehicle, it's worth noting that these two cables are quite a bit thicker than those on traditional hardwiring kits so we recommend using the Add-A-Fuse as it might be quite difficult to wrap it around a fuse. 

The white striped cable indicates the one to be connected to a constant power source (right) 

On the bottom left we have the "MAINBATT" cable, this one allows users to power their dashcam when the Cellink's battery is drained as well as taking advantage of the automatic cutoff when the vehicle's battery drops below 12V. While these cables are both black, the ground is completely black whereas the cable connecting to a constant power source fuse has white lines running across it. These cables are also a bit thinner than the ACC cables so an Add-A-Fuse is not totally necessary but may be preferred for a cleaner install. It's worth noting that if the MAINBATT connection is hooked up, the Cellink will still use it's own internal battery before using the vehicle's battery.

The middle output cable is straightforward enough as it connects to the cigarette adapter of your dashcam. On the opposite side you'll find the expansion pack cable that allows connection to an optional secondary battery pack. Alternatively if you'd like to bypass the hardwire installation completely, Cellink includes a cigarette adapter which works essentially the same way as running the INPUT cable only but will not be as seamless of an install. 


We are truly impressed with the features and performance of the Cellink Battery B. Long lasting and fast charging don't normally go together but somehow Cellink has managed that. We also appreciate the flexibility in hardwiring/installation options and the overall quality of the components. It's easily our favourite battery pack and our top pick for anyone considering a battery pack or just an alternative to a hardwiring kit. 

What is Parking Mode by Motion Detection? Learn more from HERE

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