Introducing BlackVue DR900S Series Dash Cam

Blackvue DR900S Series

BlackVue DR900S Series Dash Cam

The DR900S is available in both one-channel and two-channel variants and both of them provide the next level of video quality and detail thanks to the brand new video sensor and higher resolution. The front unit is able to record at up to Ultra High Definition at 30FPS or Full HD 1080P at 60FPs, while the rear can record at Full HD1080P at 30FPS. This is a product for those that want the very best, including all the bells and whistles found in the top of the line products. We already feel that it is a big step up from the DR750S of the past. For those who want the latest and greatest, there's no doubt the DR900S should be on the top of your shopping list .


Blackvue DR900S Series

BlackVue DR900S 1-CH

The Single-Channel Dashcam

The BlackVue DR900S-1CH is the highly anticipated, 4K dash cam from BlackVue. Bitrate and hardware have all been significantly improved but the biggest improvement comes from the highly requested bump in video resolution! Dash cam fans have been waiting for this for a long time now, and we're excited to say that it is finally here! The DR900S comes with the many features in the DR750S series such as WiFi, Cloud, Event Partitioning, 4k UHD 30FPS or FHD 60 FPS and "Extreme" recording modes. CHECK OUT DR900S-1CH

Note : DR900S-1CH does not have a rear camera port so it cannot support 2 channels of recording.

Blackvue DR900S 1-CH

BlackVue DR900S 2-CH

The Dual-Channel Dashcam

Front cam: 8 megapixels sensor / 4K Ultra High Definition (3840*2160 @30FPS).
Rear cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS™ sensor / Full HD (1920*1080 @30FPS).

With its 8-megapixel CMOS sensor in the main camera, the DR900S-2CH captures 4K Ultra High Definition video - four times as many pixels as Full HD. The rear Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor ensures best image quality under any light. H.265 encoding allows the footage to be about half the size of H.264 while providing a higher amount of detail in every clip (perfect for capturing those licence plates details). CHECK OUT DR900S-2CH

Blackvue DR900S 2-CH