BlackVue DR750LW-2CH Review

It's immediately apparent that BlackVue's award winning DR750LW dual-channel dashcam caters to a different market than their excellent DR650. The DR750 is a departure from its sleek and subtle sibling and boasts a practical 4" touchscreen display which is an increasingly popular feature in the Korean markets where they originate.


The 4" touchscreen shows video from both front and rear cameras so users can instantly review footage, as well as watch the camera record in real time (some has gone as far as to use the rear camera as a backup camera with this feature!). Those concerned with it being a distraction can also set an auto time out for the screen which is particularly important at night. The device comes with most of the standard features we've come to expect from BlackVue such as parking mode, G-sensor, and WiFi. GPS is supported but is an optional extra in the form of an inexpensive external accessory. Unlike the DR650, the DR750 actually supports 1080P Full HD for both front and rear cameras giving it a distinct advantage over most dual-channel systems. The front also has a wider 146° viewing angle while the rear has a 129° viewing angle.


In typical BlackVue fashion video quality is sharp and crisp. There are no issues with vibration and the camera adjusts very well to different lighting conditions. The rear camera is noticeably better at picking up license plates during the day, although glare from headlights is an unavoidable issue that limits night performance. Be sure to check out the sample videos at the end of our extensive walkthrough video for this camera to get a better idea of the quality.


Those that don't mind the larger form factor of the DR750LW will be impressed with its video performance and user friendly touchscreen. The front unit is smaller than most portable GPS navigation units and the rear unit is virtually invisible. One gripe we have with its design is the silver lens surround which may draw some unnecessary attention to the camera when the vehicle is parked. The WiFi function is also a little redundant since the touch interface is generally more reliable and easier to use. Furthermore the external GPS is a little unsightly and probably could have been integrated better. Overall we think the DR750LW is great at achieving its intended function and we're excited to see how customers will look at the tradeoffs between this and the DR650GW.

The prominent front unit measures 106mm (4.17") wide and 65mm (2.56") tall

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