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Hurry - VIOFO Lunar New Year Sale. Save Up to 20% OFF + Free Gift

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Review

The DR650GW is Blackvue's update to our best-selling dual-channel system which brings a fully matte black look and a few practical changes that we're excited about. Resolution is still at 1080P front and 720P rear and the devices maintain a familiar minimalist shape with LED and voice notifications.


The key features that made the DR550GW a success are still at play albeit with some welcome upgrades. GPS and WiFi are useful features found on higher-end dashcams and Blackvue has stepped it up with a stronger WiFi connection. The DR650 still has an excellent CMOS sensor and the front lens has now been reduced to a 129° wide angle which improves overall sharpness. At its base price the DR650 comes with a 16GB micro SD card but it now supports up to 128GB cards which is particularly handy for dual channel devices.

The powerful front unit of the DR650GW measures 116mm (4.6") wide and has a discreet matte black appearance


In our testing we found the videos deliver the same high standard we've come to expect from Blackvue. The front unit is sharp even in low light environments giving exceptional legibility for road signs and license plates even at night. With the rear unit Blackvue has kept it to just 720P HD video, a logical step in keeping the dual-channel system affordable and file sizes down. The video from the rear unit is still fairly clear and comparable to some of our mid-range devices. As always, our provided sample videos are the best way for our customers to get an idea of how these cameras perform.

The rear unit measures just 66mm (2.6") wide and is easy to setup with only a single coaxial input


There's a lot we like about the DR650 and we can see why it's already a best-seller. The low profile units with their matte colour scheme makes them very inconspicuous which is appreciated by our North American customers who are concerned with theft. The only minor gripes we have with the DR650 are the 720P rear camera and it's slightly delicate coaxial cable that connects the rear unit to the front. Overall however, we're impressed with the unit as the price point is very reasonable for a full featured dual channel dashcam that puts out top notch video and is backed by Blackvue's excellent 1 year warranty.

Sample Footage

Sample Footage