BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Truck First Impressions

Blackvue's popular DR650GW has been adapted to better suit the needs of the commercial truck market by utilizing a very different rear camera setup. It still has the same great video quality and features that make the DR650GW our best selling 2 channel dash cam, and should work great on a boxed cargo truck.

The rear camera unit is now housed in a waterproof unit which has an integrated hood to limit the amount of water that accumulates on the lens. It comes with several screws and a heavy duty metal bracket for mounting as opposed to the adhesive tape mounts found on the regular DR650. Another difference is that the coaxial cable that connects the front and rear units is now 15m (50 ft) long which should be sufficient for most commercial applications.

Features and Specs:

There's 1080P Full HD recording on the front unit and 720P HD on the rear while both cameras use a 129 degree wide viewing angle. The GPS function that we often overlook for private passenger car use is actually very handy in this application as many of our fleet manager customers want to monitor the driving habits of their employees since they are representing the business as a whole. We've always appreciated WiFi for making it really easy to playback video but another practical application of this technology is to use a driver's smartphone screen as a backup camera display if they are in a very tight spot.

YouTube Video Reviews:


From the two sample videos posted above, the recording quality is quite sharp and we think truck drivers will appreciate the benefits of this product catered to that customer base. If there were something we'd like to see different it'd be the coaxial connecting cable, which while great for video quality has caused a few issues in passenger car applications as customers have broken the pins. We'd think that for a heavy duty application they could have gone a different route for durability reasons but otherwise this is an exciting new product showing Blackvue's committing to the ever-changing dash cam marketplace.