BlackVue DR650GW-1CH Review

*Note: This unit has been replaced by the BlackVue DR750S-1CH*

The latest single channel dash cam from BlackVue bridges the gap between our current top sellers, the BlackVue DR600GW and the DR650GW-2CH. The body is identical to the DR600GW but the new model has the higher spec internals of the DR650GW-2CH such as the 2.4MP Sony CMOS sensor and 129 degree lens.

Those that are not familiar with the DR600/650 should know that this is a top of the line single channel dash cam. It features everything you expect from a high end dash cam WiFi functionality, GPS, and Parking Mode by Motion Detection. The design and build quality are second to none thanks to a fully matte black body that's discreet, slim, and easy to use. Another impressive capability of the DR650GW-1CH is the 128GB micro SD card support which can provide over 30 hours of recording. As with any BlackVue dash cam, continued testing and support is provided with regular firmware/app updates to improve the product experience, this is just one of the many reasons BlackVue is the leader in the dash cam industry. 

In terms of video quality the DR650GW-1CH is among the best thanks to its Sony sensor and sharp lens. Dynamic range is excellent and dark areas of the frame are nicely exposed compared to lower end dash cams that only really show the parts of the frame directly in front of the vehicle well. Street signs and license plates look crisp while glare from oncoming headlights is managed very well. Overall it is no surprise that BlackVue's flagship single-channel dash cam performs at the top of its class. If there were one thing we would like to see BlackVue incorporate is a CPL filter like what is available on the FineVu dash cams which can reduce windshield glare significantly. On certain cars depending on the angle of the windshield and dashboard material, glare can be a real issue and BlackVue has not yet offered an OEM solution.

This is a very welcome update to our single channel lineup as the DR600GW-1CH has lagged behind the DR650GW-2CH for quite some time in terms of video quality and now they are at the same level. This is especially good news for those that prefer running two separate single-channel dash cams for the best resolution as the DR650GW-2CH only offers 720P rear recording. By running two DR650GW-1CH dash cams or even one DR3500-FHD in the rear, customers can expect superior rear recording. It would be nice if BlackVue could incorporate a modular design where users can buy and connect the rear channel of the 2-channel variant should they choose to upgrade down the road to a 2-channel system but at the moment this flagship 1-channel system cannot be upgraded. We expect the DR650GW-1CH to be a huge success and are excited to introduce it to the North American Market!

Review: DR650GW-1CH